New Moon Women's Circle

This gathering was held at EcoMaste where a wonderful group of sisters united to learn about the moon coming out of Cancer and going into Leo. There has been so much tension leading up to this new moon but always with a lesson, growing into your abundance.

The second New Moon in Cancer of 2020 on July 20th highlighted the nurturing energy of Cancer relating to the mother, caring, feelings, and sacred space. However the Sun and Moon being in Cancer have been in opposition to planets in Capricorn. This has been causing us to feel tension between what we feel and our responsibilities and commitments.

What to do with this tension? This New Moon encouraged slowing down to take a step back from our responsibilities. Don't worry they aren't going anywhere. We can pick them up after we've rested. Now we are invited to step into our hearts, listen, take a break, and detach from all things, people, and all situations that are draining us. Taking a break will support us to have the clarity, energy, and alignment to birth and create what feels nourishing, exciting, loving, and has the essence of growth and development.

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EcoMaste is dedicated to uniting Men & Women, creating a safe space to harness natural conversations and providing a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can participate.

We invite you to read our blog post about this gathering. Wholeness and Much love!

Upcoming Events

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    Sat, May 28
    May 28, 9:00 AM – 2:05 PM
    Tinamaste, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
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  • Bamboo Model Making Design
    Sat, Aug 06
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde
    Aug 06, 2:00 PM – Aug 10, 11:00 AM
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    Make your own small scale structure model and learn basic knowledge of building with Bamboo.
  • Bamboo Cabin Building
    Thu, Aug 11
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde
    Aug 11, 2:00 PM – Aug 21, 11:00 AM
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    The value and knowledge of building with natural materials. Learn how to build a small structure made out of different types of bamboo.

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