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Permaculture Design Course

Community Living Experience

2025 To be announced!  

A full month journey!

Come to the Diamante Valley and have an unforgettable transformational life experience amongst like-minded people, many local teachers and experts in their fields, leading you into the world of permaculture. This month long co-creation between Regenerate Your Reality, Regenesis, Fuente Semilla & EcoMaste, are bringing in and unifying a wealth of knowledge from the bio-region. Here, you will have an opportunity to discover your true essence while immersed in nature, eat vibrant delicious plant based meals, and learn the necessary skills to start the path to be resilient.


Our goal is to give students an integrated dynamic educational experience. We will be following the rhythms of the moon as well as the sun, tapping into indigenous wisdom, empowering and 

creating a lifestyle rooted in sustainability and collaboration with nature. Learn from Alan Cacao, Travis Britzke, Jose Bermudez, and over a hand ful of experienced teachers with over 40 years living and breathing permaculture, sustainable practices, and natural building. 

Reserve now if you are ready to walk the path of sustainability.

For more information about our different accommodations

 @ EcoMaste or Fuente Semilla in Fuente Verde, please connect with us directly.

Jose +506 8967 8012 or Merlin +1 (510) 435-4422



Select the elements below to read a brief summary of what will be covered during the month long community living PDC.

Sign up for 2025 PDC.

Much Love & Pura Vida

What is included

- Community living

PDC certificate

- Transformational experience

- Integrated, experimental & dynamic learning

- Resiliency practices. Indigenous wisdom.

- All meals (vegetarian) Monday through Friday 

- Field trips. Waterfall, river, beach, sister farms

Accommodations @ EcoMaste & Fuente Semilla

Join Us for a Life-Changing Permaculture Journey while living in an organic community in Costa Rica!

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PDC Certification!

How to be more self-sustainable and thrive anywhere you choose to live

Applying Indigenous wisdom and tapping into the rhythms of both the moon and the sun! Your All-Star Cast of Permaculture Superheroes has over 70 years combined experience and wisdom to share from a heart space, safe place to grow, be seen and learn what you desire the most. 

What awaits you...

Certified Permaculture Design Course (PDC): Dive deep into the principles and practices of permaculture, gaining not just knowledge but also hands-on experience that will shape your understanding of regenerative living.

Community Living: Immerse yourself in a thriving community of like-minded individuals, fostering connections and meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Social Permaculture & Communication Skills: Learn the art of cultivating harmony within yourself and your community through effective communication and conflict resolution, forgiveness, reconnect your purpose, how to hold space for small groups and create dream teams.

Yoga & Holistic Wellness: Nurture your body and soul with  yoga sessions, mindfulness practices, and holistic wellness workshops that promote balance and vitality.

Hands in the Soil: Get your hands dirty and participate in seed-to-table experiences, from gathering fresh produce to preparing delicious feasts, fermentations, and herbal medicines.

Family-Friendly: This experience is designed to be family-friendly, inviting everyone, young or older, to join in the adventure of positive change. 

The Science and Art of Design: Bamboo design, basic to high level building techniques, greenhouse design and plenty of hands on arts and crafts. 




💰 Special Offer: 20% Refund for Certified PDC Holders. 

Already completed a certified PDC and looking to deepen your knowledge? We value your expertise! Come share what you have learned. 

20% refund for community’s sending their champions

To Come learn.

 ⁠Support roles discount for food prep and cook, space clean up and more please inquire.

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