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Farm Tours

Take a deeper dive into the land that we steward and the projects that we have done or are continuing. We are located on a little over one hectare and are home to a serene pond, gorgeous river and walking trails. You will learn about our many tropical fruits, edibles and medicinals. Together we will harvest jungle greens to add to our delicious locally sourced vegetarian or vegan lunch options. You will get to see our natural building structures, workshop space, compost toilet, outdoor showers and home. We will also explore our walking trails and see example of Syntropic farming and our greenhouse. We are happy to design your tour as needed based on the group's or your interests. Our tours are 4 hours part of the tour is to visit our river. Let us know if you would like a tour more focused on Natural Building or Tropical Fruits, Edibles & Medicinals. **Please wear light long sleeves, pants, rain boots. Bring a towel, rain jacket and umbrella. Minimum of 2 people required

 If you do not have the time or resources for a full tour, please contact us directly.

Farm Tour Hours:

Monday - Friday  

8am - 12pm or 9am or 1pm

Lunch option vegetarian or vegan. Please let us know your preference.

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