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The Team

Amanda Luna

Co-Founder / Holistic Practitioner 

 A self proclaimed “plant person” with a deep love and curiosity for nature. 

She has painted her life with a broad palette of interests, experiences, talents and knowledge that is ever-evolving. Becoming a land steward and co-founder of Ecomaste she channels her energy into holistically developing the land, permaculture & landscape design, supporting coherence, regeneration, beauty and vibrancy of the environment. She also enjoys curating events that benefit the local communities' abundance, cultural, personal and educational development.


She has founded Amanda Luna Living to support women reclaiming the sacred power of our womb spaces. She works with women to heal their relationships with the Moontime cycle and offers holistic health approaches to help balance the negative symptoms many women experience.

Sensuality and pleasure is woven into this deep work as it is our birthright as women and gives us the power to bring our dreams to fruition. Insta:@alunaliving


Being a Green Witch she is known to make delicious herbal teas to share. She has a strong desire to empower people with holistic living sovereignty skills. This inspired her to create 

The Green Witches’ Path. Her offerings focus on teaching people the foundations of herbalism, homesteading and support with medicinal and culinary gardens design and implementation as well as co-creating medicine making circles. She is grateful for the  opportunity to feed and to be fed by her purpose. Insta: @thegreen_witchespath


Jose Bermudez

Co-Founder / Vision Holder

Jose is native to Bogotá Colombia. He grew up in the U.S.A but felt a pull that eventually led him to travel back to his home country and other countries, ultimately connecting back to himself.

Rooted in the earth and fluent in the disciplines of technology and hospitality. In 2009 he received his Bachelors of Arts in Computer Information and Technology. He began working in hospitality before going to college and continued to work, putting himself through college, gaining over 20 years experience in hospitality. Curiosity and love of nature guided him to explore nature-based education and holds certifications in, aquaponics, permaculture, bamboo building, and timber framing. 

Jose blends his experience, education, and passions to create holistic way of living, creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to grow in collaboration and harmony with nature.

Would you like to be part of our team? EcoMaste Familia is calling in passionate, focused, dedicated, and heart centered individuals in the following professional fields:

Hospitality, Agriculture If you feel the call, and would like to participate in our

Cultivator Leadership Model select the button below for more information:

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