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We offer pathways to help people life a more purposeful and sustainable lifestyle. Ecomaste is a learning and healing sanctuary, blending shared ancestral wisdom and ecological education to help our brothers and sisters honor the natural world. Daily life is focused around collaboration with nature and by doing so we live in collaboration with ourselves. Our offerings are designed to be accessible for people from all walks of life. We partner with experts in natural building and permaculture to offer dynamic and experimental learning opportunities that empower students with tangible skills so they can navigate the multitude of challenges we are facing as a collective. 


We’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to be guided by shamans or “Mamos” from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia when we first launched our project last year. They have us about the land that hosts EcoMaste and gave us humbling advice. Telling us that many people come to land and project their ideas without ever consulting the land first. We have learned from our ignorance and we strive to teach others from our mistakes. 




Since starting our project in 2019 we having been weaving relationships with our local community so we can utilize our unique resources and talents. We have partnered with local farms, to source vibrant and deeply nourishing food. By learning how to effectively share resources we are co-creating an ecosystem of reciprocity. This includes employing locals and buying from local small businesses. 


EcoMaste strives to bring people together regionally and internationally to learn and grow together. You will experience within the Diamante valley people from diverse background and expertise. That is why you'll find a mix cultural, educational and personal development offerings, in both Spanish and English.


Balance and moderation are key tenants of what we practice at Ecomaste. We encourage our guests and community members to prioritize self-care and inquiry. The lush jungle, serene river and captivating mountain views support diving within and discovering our innate power and grace. Mother Earth commands reverence and active listening. We consult with the land before, during and after all the projects that we do to continue to build a relationship of respect and understanding. We are not here to control but rather to discover how we can support her being her highest expression and in the process becoming our highest version.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."