Designing a pathway to regenerate the earth, aiming to exemplify the virtues of integrity, sustainability, and love. We are sharing ancestral wisdom to people who seek a more purposeful lifestyle to live in collaboration with Mother Earth. We practice permaculture principles, offer nature-based education, and healing arts while enjoying the breathtaking natural environment in the lower Costa Rican highlands of the Diamante Valley. We motivate, support, and inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Walking hand in hand with all members and Pacha Mama. Each day we live knowing the gift that it is. The way we show our gratitude to the Earth is through creating foundations of balance and reverence.


To create a sanctuary of expression with education, healing and arts. We do this by collaborating with ourselves, local community and most importantly Mother Earth. 

What we do

We currently offer lodging for individuals who are looking to share their skills and are committed to building a loving and reciprocal relationship to themselves and to the planet. The land that is hosting Ecomaste is unique as all land and beings are. It is of the utmost importance to teach people how to listen to Pacha Mama. Remembering that she does not belong to us but we belong to her. Living in harmony is possible, we do this by working and finding balance with the ecosystem that surrounds us. Everyone plays an important role in the collective, distributing tasks and taking responsibility for our actions. We sustain the whole of what we are co-creating. 

We have been weaving relationships with other conscious projects, initiatives, and business like Earth RegeneratorsFinca MorphoSecret Energy, Nación del Quinto Sol, Fundación Gunnekun, Integrative PermacultureBambu Mundo, Natural Building CR, and Bamboo School Costa Rica in North, Central, and South America.

Collaborating with individuals and organizations that embody our core values, compassion, integrity, clear communication, and sustainability are essential for projects like ours and others to have their greatest impact. We are passionate about partnering with nature and other heart ecologically centered projects that support each other by sharing and receiving advice, skills, resources, while applying ancient knowledge and utilizing new technologies. 


We host and facilitate gatherings, events, classes, workshops, and soon will offer retreats and internship programs in Natural Building, Permaculture, Agroforestry, Aquaponics, Culinary Arts, Herbal Medicine, Divine Feminine & Masculine healing and embodiment, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Body work and more.


There are many projects that require specific skills, values and energy.

If any of this resonates with you and would  like to be part of, contribute, participate, or you have knowledge you would like to share; please feel free to contact us to engage. Also follow our blog for more information.

The Team

Amanda Marsh/Bermudez

Co-Founder / Root Member

Amanda has developed innerstanding in yoga, herbalism, permaculture, meditation, the art of circling, and the divine feminine. In her younger years she studied Psychology, wanting to gain an understanding of why there was so much discontentment in the world. College didn't reveal the answers she was looking for so she continued on the path of Psychology and worked with children with developmental disorders for several years. Deep down she knew this was not her calling but the experience left her feeling humbled and grateful for her own unique gifts and talents.

Since she moved on from her previous career she has been on a path of personal development knowing that the only way to heal the collective is to begin healing oneself. Amanda is passionate about honoring, and empowering the spectrum of existence; dark and light, life and death. She does this through facilitating women's circles and supporting men's circles, guided meditation, land awareness education, yoga, herbalism, movement, chakra & energy healing, collaborating with other sisters and brothers, and most importantly Mother Nature.

Jose Bermudez

Co-Founder / Root Member

Jose is native to Bogotá Colombia. It was there, a seed of wonder and appreciation of nature was planted. He grew up in the States but felt a pull that eventually led him to travel back to his home country and other countries, ultimately connecting back to himself.

Jose is both rooted in the earth, fluent in the disciplines of technology and hospitality. In 2009 he received his Bachelors of Arts in Computer Information and Technology. He began working in hospitality before going to college and continued to work, putting himself through college, gaining over 20 years experience in hospitality. Curiosity and love of nature guided him to explore nature-based education and holds certifications in, aquaponics, permaculture, bamboo building, and timber framing. 

Jose blends his experience, education, and passions to create holistic way of living for himself and is creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to grow in collaboration and harmony with nature.

Rodolfo "Rodo" Saenz

Trunk Member

Rodolfo Saenz began his career as a craftsman, furniture maker, and builder over 35 years ago. He first learned to work with wood and later received training in a variety of techniques with bamboo from a Taiwanese Master, which led him into bamboo furniture design combined with hardwoods and various other materials.

Originally trained in conventional construction, he switched gears to natural building methods and design with a concentration on bamboo, cob, and earthen plasters. Rodolfo is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge by teaching sustainable building and design and has over a dozen years of experience teaching courses.

Besides his career and experience with bamboo building and craftsmanship, he has cultivated his healing gifts in the form of Reiki and massage therapy. Now, Rodo is working to become a root member and with all his knowledge and expertise, he is a great addition to EcoMaste.

Our Goal

To be part of the Global EcoVillages and a new generation of Holistic Healing and Learning center that teaches through example, shows how to create abundance through sustainable practices. Our education center offers both for young and old, various subjects such as; Natural Building, Healing Arts, Nutrition, Aquaponics, Permaculture and more. In all our projects, we aim to leave a small foot print on the land and our main focus is to connect and give back to the earth. We share ancient knowledge from cultures that habited the land before being colonized by the western world. Helping you, your family and community transition from "materialistic and consumer based lifestyle" into a reciprocal and regenerative approach to life that supports what is truly important to you, health, connection, and deep fulfillment. 

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


Our focus is to bring communities, families and individuals back into harmony and simplicity. We do this through workshops, classes, retreats, and ceremonies with themes around rebuilding our foundations of living a balanced life. We host, practice and collaborate with the community to teach the best healing arts, permaculture, sustainability, natural building, nutrition, herbalism and spirituality of the region. Be part of a community movement rooted in care for the planet that embodies love and compassion for all beings on Mother Earth. 

We are all one. 

In 2016, the cofounders of EcoMaste visited together the Diamante Valley and since, they fell in-love with the majestic mountain. A few years later, after coming and going to Costa Rica, they felt a strong pull to root down in the area to share their passion and skills with other brothers and sisters. At the beginning of 2020, Jose felt a call to learn about natural building, specifically bamboo and timber framing. After his courses he was admiring the Diamante Waterfall and reached out to his indigenous brother Kandymaku from the Arhuacos Tribe which is part of the Teyuna Collective (four indigenous tribes from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia).

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