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Our focus is to serve Mother Nature. One of the ways we get to support her is by helping others connect to her.  When you know in your bones that you are of the earth then everything change, you shift from self-serving to collaboration. Nature is regenerative, not sustainable. When nature is in balance she thrives and doesn’t merely sustain. We live our lives in a regenerative way. Focusing on how we can lighten our carbon footprint and optimize nature’s natural rhythm of abundance.  Our classes, workshops, courses retreats and events are curated around honoring the rhythm, resources and wisdom of nature. We host, practice and collaborate with the community to share, holistic wellness and ecological education. We are open to collaborate with others that are ready to learn and contribute to nurturing the planet the way she has provided for us. We are all one.

Through observation nature reveals all her secrets. The more time we spend with her the more she reveals. One must be humble, consistent, and patient in this process. What we teach and practice is a woven tapestry of ecological education, ancestral wisdom, and holistic health practices. We learn in so many different ways so why not teach in all those ways; theory, experimentation, hands ons, using all the senses to digest the knowledge completely.  Being okay with not doing everything perfect but doing your best at what you are doing is a way of life for us. Our offerings are one reflection of this.


We want to empower those seeking a more meaningful existence.  Those who spend time with us have an opportunity to shift their perspective, gain tangible skills, and feel vibrant again so they can spread a ripple of hope, regeneration, and bring the solutions our planet is calling for. We need to be the change that we are seeking.


Cultivating inner balance, compassion and self-care are key aspects of what we practice at Ecomaste. We encourage self-care and inquiry. The lush jungle, serene river and captivating mountain views support introspection, healing and re-discovering your innate power and purpose. Mother Earth commands reverence and active listening. We consult with the land before, during and after all the projects that we do to continue to build a relationship of respect and inner-standing. We are not here to control but rather to learn how we can support her being her highest expression and in the process becoming our highest version.


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

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