Our Story

The Beginning 

In 2016 the co-founders of EcoMaste Amanda Marsh and Jose Bermudez visited the Diamante Valley and fell in-love with the majestic landscape, enchanting animals, and open hearted locals. A few years later, after many travels to Costa Rica, they decided this is the area they wanted to land permanently. Fast-forward 2020, Jose went to CR to study natural building, specifically bamboo and timber framing. After his courses, he returned to the Tinamaste area. While admiring the Diamante Waterfalls, he reached out to his indigenous brother Kandymaku from the Arhuacos people which are part of the Teyuna Collective from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia (spirit of the heart of the world). 

Calling in Our Big Brothers

Their conversation led Jose, to co-create a mini tour of Costa Rica with Kandymaku and Mamo (shaman) Hatilio. The sponsors, Kandymaku, Mamo Hatilio, along with representatives from the Bribri and Guaymi tribes, traveled along the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica visiting local indigenous tribes (Boruca and Cabecar). They offered pagamentos which are healing offerings to the land.


Acknowledgment of Sickness

Their tour eventually led them to Las Tumbas / Tinamaste, Fuente Verde where EcoMaste is located. As our indigenous brothers arrived, we noticed them becoming more solemn. They told is that the land in this area was energetically sick. This root of this sickness comes from a past of looting, suffering, death of indigenous people, and abuse of women. Amanda and Jose’s hearts were heavy but felt supported by their indigenous brothers. They decided that they didn’t want to abandon the land but rather step into becoming the guardians. After the Mamo did a ritual that is what they became.

For three months they took a deep pause with the land as they had been advised. This gave them and the land together to build a relationship and give space and care for a transformative process to begin.


Our Collective Mistake

Our indigenous brothers reminded us that many people have great intentions but they do not  follow an order that respects the land or builds a relationship of reciprocity. A common blind spot is not acknowledging the Earth as a conscious sentient being. Each land has specific gifts and talents as all beings do. Human beings have a habit of projecting their ideas onto land without ever considering to first build a relationship with the land, and then asking permission if the project they have in mind is in alignment with the land's wishes.

Mamo Hatilio spoke of the overuse and transactional business of plant medicine. He spoke of all the ceremonies of the Valley. He advised that the land was not in a proper condition to hold these ceremonies. He expressed the importance of giving the land time to regenerate just as facilitators need time to process after holding space for such deep healing. This perspective opened our eyes to the error many of us have done.

Covid 19 as a Blessing

This time was and still is challenging for many, as it has felt very strongly across the globe. However, the virus gave us and the collective time to reflect, listen, and space for Mother Earth to rest. At EcoMaste, days were spent being, meditating, coming back to Self and building an organic relationship with the land. Through listening and asking for guidance from the land, how can we serve it, what is it feeling, what does it need? Slowly the land started to transform and so did we. The land has given us signs and messages of what she would like to hold as far as projects and initiatives. We promised to work in collaboration with her. Together we are calling for individuals that can help us support her wishes. 

Healing the Divine Feminine and Masculine

We have learned that the land that hosts EcoMaste was once used for sacred rituals between the divine feminine and masculine. From our inner guidance we felt the need to hold space and facilitate events to heal both the feminine and masculine. We plan on doing this through a series of gatherings, events, workshops, and eventually retreats. This is our opportunity to transmute the darkness and pain that has occurred into the highest light. Our intent is not to banish the darkness but to build a relationship with our shadow sides so we can evolve. To completely reap love we must also acknowledge and release traumas so we can appreciate the spectrum of existence.

EcoMaste a Sanctuary of Expression

The land that is hosting EcoMaste is such a gift with a capacity for profound transformation. We will continue to nurture and collaborate with one another so we can live out our highest purpose.  We are committed to five pillars including, culture, health, education, sovereignty, and communication. There are many sub-categories  included in these that blend together to create a sanctuary expression.