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Our Story

In 2020 we began our project during times of uncertainty and powerful change. We were supported by shamans or “Mamos” from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. The guidance they offered shaped the way we approach our projects and our daily lives. The words they shared with us were profound, yet simple. Telling us that to live in harmony with nature you must first establish a loving relationship with yourself, those you love, your community and the land that nourishes you. We have done our best to honor their teachings, made mistakes and now truly “innerstand” the power and importance of these lessons. 


Now with eyes wide open, aware of our short comings and the challenges we face individually and collectively we no longer focus on problems but rather solutions. Ecomaste has evolved and so has the community that has flowed in and out of our doors and will continue to ebb and flow. 


Since starting our project we having been weaving relationships with our local community so we can utilize the multitude of resources and talents in the area. By learning how to effectively share resources we are co-creating an ecosystem of reciprocity. This includes employing locals and supporting local farms and small businesses. 


EcoMaste strives to bring people together regionally and internationally to learn and grow together.  Within the Diamante Valley you will experience people from diverse backgrounds and expertise. This has sparked a flame  to co-create a mix of cultural, educational and personal development offerings, in both Spanish and English.

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