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Cultivator Leadership Model

Our Philosophy and Core Values


At Ecomaste, we believe in the power of holistic regenerative living, fostering a deep connection between ourselves and the natural world. Our sanctuary is a haven where we embrace meditation, movement, vibrant food, and the nurturing of our passions. Everyday we live, and practice regenerative living through; permaculture, culinary arts, natural building, holistic hospitality, herbalism. Above all, EcoMaste is a sacred space for embodying Self-Stewardship and Land Stewardship.

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Join the transformative journey towards holistic leadership and community impact in the Cultivator Leadership Training  at Ecomaste. You will have the opportunity to take the lead in overseeing culinary arts farm-to-table experiences permaculture and herbalism projects, engaging in natural building ventures, and holistic hospitality to create a space that feels like home to guests. If you are a storyteller this is an opportunity to share our story and inspire others in living a regenerative lifestyle in a community setting. You can also organize and guide your own passion-driven events within our vibrant community, earning a percentage and a share of the abundance you help create.

Elevate your expertise and leadership abilities while gaining invaluable skills. Immerse yourself in communal living and contribute to a thriving and harmonious way of life. Become a master in the art of holistic living and inspire others through your shining example as a Cultivator. 


If you're ready to make a lasting impact we welcome you at Ecomaste for the Cultivator Leadership Training Program. Be part of a community and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic leadership.

Passion Trade

The Passion Trade Apprentice program is a 3-month transformative experience that is the perfect fit for those looking to ignite their passions of regenerative living. With options in natural building, permaculture, culinary arts, holistic hospitality, herbalism, and content creation. We encourage you to follow what most inspires you and lean into areas where you have resistance. You'll join a thriving community and learn from others' reflections, supporting your holistic development.


As an apprentice, you'll grow into leadership roles, receiving mentoring and supporting mentors in the various projects they'll lead you in. Alongside essential knowledge in your area of interest, you'll also develop skills in communication, authentic relating, boundary setting, and radical self-care. Whether you're interested in becoming a natural builder, permaculturist, host holistic hospitality, herbalist, or chef, we're here to help turn your passion into your purpose. Join us for our Passion Trade Apprentice program and invest in a future filled with regenerative living skills, leadership, and a vibrant community.

Passion Fruit

Welcome to the Passion Fruit Program at EcoMaste, a transformative journey crafted for individuals who want to redesign their life to enjoy more harmony, becoming truly aligned mind, body, and soul while being held in our lush community jungle oasis. Our intention is to guide you towards a deep reconnection with yourself, nature, and the community, living in a holistic haven that vibrates with a deep sense of love, connection and coherence.

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This program is especially designed for those who may be going through life changes, seeking a reset, healing, and profound rejuvenation. As a member, you'll commit just 5 hours of your week to giving back to the land and space that brings you such joy and tranquility. And that's not all: every week, you'll have the exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of engaging community activities, ranging from meditation, yoga, and movement sessions to permaculture projects, cooking  collaborations, conscious communication, clearing circles, creative expression, and so much more

Are you curious about the Cultivator Leadership Model?!

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