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Passion Trade

Curiosity. Passion. Growth. Learning.

At EcoMaste you can discover the path to living a passion driven and fulfilling life through our Passion Trade program. Dive deep into community living and sustainable practices, learn essential skills for thriving in a regenerative lifestyle, and unlock your true passions

Join us!

On this transformative journey where you will cultivate the knowledge and tools needed to support yourself and your community. Unleash your passions and embark on a path of purposeful living.


Become a Part of Our Vision:

This program goes beyond sustainability training, offering the opportunity to become a vital part of a vision centered around living in harmony with nature and embracing self-stewardship and land stewardship. Here, you can nourish your passions for delectable and vibrant food, natural building, holistic hospitality, growing your own produce, and crafting your own medicine, empowering you to make a meaningful impact on your journey.


What You Receive?

Experiential Learning:

Immerse yourself in hands-on learning through engaging permaculture projects and practical regenerative living experiences that showcase and refine existing systems. Embrace a new way of living as you actively participate in cultivating sustainable practices.


Personal Development: 

Grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be, with weekly one-on-one guidance from our experienced Cultivators and Vision holders. They will support your journey towards living a purposeful and passion-driven lifestyle by providing practical steps and guidance.


Community Living:

Shift from "me" to "we" and experience the joy of supporting and honoring one another, letting go of personal attachments, and embracing daily practices of giving our best, speaking with integrity, and releasing assumptions and expectations. Live in the present moment, centered in your heart.

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Your Passion is calling you!

Your Commitment:

Active Participation:

Embrace your role as a Passion Trade member by actively engaging in projects and aligning with the vision of the community.


Dedicate 22 hours each week to diverse projects that focus on fine tuning your unique abilities and passions. From growing and preparing food as medicine to herbalism, natural building, and personal development, you'll gain valuable education and growth experiences while making a meaningful contribution.

Friday Hands on the Land & Pizza Celebration:

Dive into hands-on learning every Friday for 4 hours, exploring various regenerative aspects such as natural building, permaculture, and herbalism. Afterward, lend a hand in preparing for a pizza celebration in our Toucan Cob Pizza oven, cutting wood, creating dough, and cleaning up. This is a time for community connection, bonding, and being nourished by a delicious co-creation.

Caring for the Space:

Some of your time will be channeled into cleaning and organizing the space. This communicates love and respect for space, land and one another.  Strengthening the connection and coherence of our sacred sanctuary


Let’s Make Your Passion Your Purpose:

Your Investment:

Pricing for Passion Trade: $333 - $816

  • Tent/Hammock

  • Shared room with a compatible roommate

  • Private room and shared b-room

Click Here for Pricing *Subject to change*

Embody a Passion Driven Life

This is more than a regenerative living training; it's an opportunity to shift your mindset, daily practices, and routines that support your passions and your purpose. Small changes have life-changing effects. Here, you learn to live in harmony with nature, develop skills for sustainable living, and find a community that supports and celebrates your passion.'

Together, step by step you will be seen and upheld to be your best version. The biggest gift we can give to the world is by fully embodying who we are and sharing what is most alive for us. 

This is your time to turn your passion into your purpose, here at EcoMaste you’ll find a community practicing and embodying this way of being!


Apply today and become a Passion Trader. Together igniting the flame within and allowing your passion to grow into an eternal fire that transforms fears into inspiration, purposeful action and graceful manifestation. Living in harmony with nature, connected to yourself and an abundant community you can become a part of!

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Apply Now as a Passion Trade and become the change you’ve been waiting for!

Cultivate your passion and embody your Purpose.

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