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The path to self-development. Holistic healing and wellness. Hands on practice. Join us and experience the learning in a unique setting.

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Bamboo Course

March 31st - April 11th

We invite you to our next course to be immersed in Bamboo where you will learn how to harvest, cure as well as design, make a small scale bamboo model and build a fun reciprocal structure with Master James Wolf and natural builder Jose Bermudez.


James Wolf is a distinguished industrial designer, innovative product developer, visionary entrepreneur, and globally recognized expert in the real of bamboo. He is also a master craftsman, know affectionately as "The Bamboo Master"

James fuses sustainability and creativity with bamboo to ignite change. He sees "good design" as harmonizing aesthetics, social responsibility, environment, and profit for true sustainability.

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With an impressive track record spanning over three decades, James has established manufacturing capabilities, reputable brands, and diverse product lines utilizing bamboo for clients spanning the globe.

As a versatile designer, prolific inventor, and master craftsman, James has left his mark on an eclectic array of industries, from home and garden products to pioneering pre-fabricated bamboo architecture, championship-winning race bicycles, award-winning children's toys, avant-garde retail displays, skateboards, and groundbreaking achievements in bamboo architecture.

Jose Bermudez is an enthusiast bamboo designer, natural builder and earth steward. Driven by an unwavering passion for working with bamboo. From a young age, he was captivated by the versatility, resilience, and natural beauty of this remarkable plant.This fascination with bamboo would ignite a lifelong journey dedicated to environmental responsibility, sustainable design, and community empowerment.

In his pursuit of a more conscious way of existence, he has embraced permaculture principles and indigenous wisdom as the guiding lights of his journey. Firmly believing that by integrating these ancient practices of land stewardship with modern techniques, would create thriving ecosystems and sustainable communities that honor and protect our precious natural resources.


As a co-founder of Ecomaste, he has been blessed with the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge in a way that gives back to the Earth. Jose has built not only physical structures but also a community that shares a vision for a more harmonious and sustainable future. He strives to create spaces that seamlessly blend with nature, using bamboo as a primary building material. Each structure creating is a testament to his commitment to craftsmanship, beauty, and ecological harmony.

Humbled by the opportunity to serve as a community leader, guiding and supporting those who share similar visions and are eager to make a positive impact. Jose believes that by fostering a sense of shared responsibility and promoting collective action, we can create a ripple effect and embrace the change we want to see happen in the world.

Video above from Previous course 2023

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