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At our workshop space we have to opportunity to discuss, learn and do hands-on activities on particular subjects giving all the people involved a chance to share their knowledge or experience. Come hang out with us and improve your own skills while co-creating beautiful things.

Cob Oven workshop flyer CR.jpg

Cob Oven Build

March 10th - 12th

Join us for a fun, informative fun weekend of Cob Oven building where you'll learn the basics of working with the earthen material, cob. Cob is a mixture of ...

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Plant Connection

Schedule Your Plant Walk today!

(available Monday-Friday)

8-11am or 9-12pm



Tropical Forage & Medicinal Walk

If you are interested in having a workshop with us and sharing knowledge or information with the community, please contact us. Much Love and Pura Vida!

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