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Commitment. Discipline. Self-Development. Leadership.

Are you passionate about regenerative living, cultivating food as medicine, natural building, herbalism and holistic hospitality? Do you want to become a leader and make a significant impact in the world around you? If your heart is resounding "YES," open yourself up to an extraordinary opportunity at EcoMaste: Become a Cultivator. Be part of a vision to live in harmony with yourself, others, and nature while strengthening your skill set to blossom into the leader you are meant to be!

Step into Your Role:

At EcoMaste, being a Cultivator means more than just leading projects – it means nurturing your passions and dreams, both for yourself and for the entire community. This unique opportunity has been carefully crafted for humble and skilled individuals or couples who are deeply passionate and dedicated to growth, teaching, and evolving together.


What We Offer:

At EcoMaste, we invite you to step into a role where you can truly make a difference. As a Cultivator, you will have the unique opportunity to:


Harness you Leadership Skills: Foster human connection, and guide the community towards our vision of regenerative holistic living.


Personal Mentorship:  You'll receive weekly guidance from the Vision Holder, who will nurture your dreams, break through your limitations, and empower you to reach your fullest potential.

Cultivate Community: Community Building is another crucial aspect of life at EcoMaste. As a Cultivator, you'll be integrated into a loving community and co-create and receive enriching experiences for everyone involved. From food to medicine meals to guided group movement and meditation, clearing circles, conscious communication, and creative expression such as song and drumming circles, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a heart-centered community.

Toucan Oven Space.jpeg

No time but the present!

Your Commitment:

Devoted Engagement: Dedicate a minimum of 27 hours a week to the vision, taking a hands-on approach in managing projects and fostering teamwork.

Creating Transformative Experiences: Curate unique experiences that resonate with your unique passion, creative genius and vision, including regenerative “PLAYshops”, creative expression, nature-based rituals and offerings, community meal gatherings, and ceremonies.

Compassionate Clear Guidance:  Lead with your heart and honor yourself so you can guide others and oversee projects to completion with integrity, ensuring that time agreements are met.

Friday Hands on the Land & Pizza Celebration: Join us every Friday to learn about a variety of regenerative aspects including, natural building, permaculture, herbalism, and land maintenance. Then support preparing Pizza in our Toucan Cob oven with cutting wood, prepping food, creating dough, & cleaning up after.


Together cultivating bonds and contributing to community connection. Enjoying the earth working our bodies and being fed by a beautiful co-creation. 

Caring for the Space: Some of your time will be channeled into cleaning and organizing the space. This communicates love and respect for space, land and one another.  Strengthening the connection and coherence of our sacred sanctuary.

Your Investment:

Pricing for Cultivator: $483 - $927 per month*

  • Tent/Hammock

  • Shared room with a compatible roommate

  • Private room and shared b-room

  • Private cabin with kitchen (Must be flexible and only when available)

Click Here for Pricing *Subject to change* *Half off after second month if in alignment"

Profit Sharing: Engage in a percentage partnership in all income generated from the space, including passion trades and passion fruits, events, and offerings. 10% of all incoming.

Booking Commission: Keep a percentage of all people you book in the space

Host your own event: Keep a majority percentage of any event you plan and host

Read our CLModel Overview t for more clarity on numbers and percentages

Read our CLModel Overview for more clarity 

Allowing Abundance: Joining the Cultivator program is more than just taking on a role in a project; it's about contributing to a rich future ahead. Develop your skills and passions in supporting our vision around Permaculture, Natural Building, Culinary Arts, and Herbalism. At EcoMaste, we believe you get what you put in. When you show up and contribute from your heart, you'll be recognized, and doors will open in ways you never thought possible.

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The Vision Holders and co-founders of EcoMaste moved to Costa Rica in 2020 with only a Permaculture Design Certification, Herbalism Apprenticeship, and natural building workshop experience. But with time, dedication, and passion, we now have a thriving farm and sanctuary that are living examples of permaculture principles and regenerative living. We understand what it takes, and we're here to support you in your journey towards a life filled with passion and purpose. Together, we can achieve anything!

Now, ask yourself: Do you share our vision and passion? Are you ready to join us as a Cultivator at EcoMaste and grow not only plants but also a sustainable future and a thriving community?

If your answer is a resounding "Yes!" then we invite you to take the next step. 

Join us in planting the seeds of transformation and nurturing a planet where regenerative lifestyles thrive, and the bonds between people grow stronger than ever before. Together, we can cultivate a vibrant world where the principles of ecological harmony and deep human connection blossom.

Become a Cultivator and embark on a transformative journey that will shape not just your own future, but also the world around you.

Apply Now as a Cultivator and become the change you’ve been waiting for! 

Cultivate your passion and embody your Purpose.

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