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Passion Fruit

Discover. Nourish. Self-care. Give Back.

Reconnect with your passions and rediscover what truly sets your soul on fire. Join us in crafting a purposeful life that aligns with your deepest desires and aspirationsCome, let the Passion Fruit Program guide you towards a vibrant and fulfilling existence. Your paradise awaits!

Immerse in paradise!

At Ecomaste, a jungle oasis awaits, we welcome you not just as a Passion Fruit Member but as a precious piece of our heart-centered community. This is beyond “finding yourself”; it's an integrated regenerative living experience. As you bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of our community, you'll encounter countless reflections that touch your soul. It's through these encounters that you'll rediscover your essence, reconnect with what truly matters to you, and embark on a journey of self-empowerment and profound growth.

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So, join us on this extraordinary adventure at Ecomaste, where the magic of the jungle and the power of community intertwine. As a Passion Fruit Member, you will be the “fruit” of our "Cultivator Leadership model" where you get to engage with the passions of other members that have cultivated rich offerings for you to enjoy. These experiences are crafted to support you receiving the vibrant, harmonic, loving essence you truly are.

What awaits you...

Farm-to-Table Dining: Building a relationship with the food you’re eating. You get to participate in meeting and playing with much of the fresh produce that nourishes you. The nourishment starts in our gardens and blossoms on your plate! Together we share meals and cultivate a reverence for our food, bodies, the land and one another.

Ecological Education: Open yourself to a world of regenerative holistic living. Learning practical permaculture, herbalism, natural building, ancestral wisdom. Embracing these simple traditions that will transform your life to one of inner and outer harmony. 

Rest & Revive: Landing in a safe sanctuary where you can find deep healing and regeneration. Our space is for those seeking; healing their heart, opening to the love that we all are,  holistic health, vibrant wellbeing, and reconnection to your passion and purpose. You will be held in the embrace of nature and other community members who have done their inner work and can support you in your process.

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Experience the jungle!

Digital Cleanse: Unplug to restore. In our sanctuary, you have the opportunity to break free from the digital realm, granting you serenity and lucidity in the embracing arms of nature.

Holistic WellBEING Workshops: Dive deep into a multitude of workshops, covering everything from yoga and meditation to music and language classes. Each unique experience is carefully crafted to unlock your heart, broaden your horizons, and harmonize your body and soul.

Holistic Community Connection: Join our inclusive men's and women's circles, participate in transformative experiences that open your heart, and cultivate genuine connections. Our vibrant community values vulnerability and receptivity so we can uplift one another.

Integration: As a Passion Fruit Member, you have the opportunity to integrate and root into the lessons and skills you will receive. There are opportunities for you to shift into becoming part of our growing team. We have various options to engage in holistic wellness and hospitality, herbalism, natural building, permaculture, documenting our story, organizing events and gathering. Growing into your passion and channeling it into our project in a way that generates harmony and abundance for all.


Let’s Make it happen:

Your Investment:

Pricing for Passion Fruits per month: *$464 - $1411*

  • Tent/Hammock

  • Shared room with a compatible roommate

  • Private room and shared b-room

  • Private cabin with kitchen, compost toilet and shower

Click Here for Pricing *Subject to change*

Discover our Special Offerings:

By request, we have a range of detox programs, private massage sessions, acupuncture treatments, harmonizing ceremonies, and engaging lessons in music, art, and theater. These personalized experiences are designed to enhance your stay and provide a holistic healing and learning journey.

When you choose EcoMaste, you become more than just a visitor; you become an important ingredient of a rich vision that celebrates the wonders of nature, embraces the nourishing properties of food, and believes in the transformative power of human connection. Here, it's not just about healing and rejuvenation; it's about learning the foundations of sustainable living, regenerative practices, and creating a harmonious community.


We welcome you to the world of passion and transformation! Become a Passion Fruit Member and embark on an incredible journey with us.  Each day we invite you to be fully present, embracing every aspect of yourself with compassion. By doing so, you'll open yourself up to receiving and sharing the abundant gifts of nature and reconnecting with your essential essence. These small shifts in mindset and being bring us closer to enjoy a life filled with clarity and coherence. 

Empowered by this newfound inner alignment, you'll have the tools to create the fulfilling life you've always longed for. Let’s travel together on this remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Ready for an integrated transformational experience? Fill out your application now and let your journey at EcoMaste begin. A world of growth, discovery, and connection awaits you.

 Open to Clarity. Rooted in Coherence.

Where Dreams Take Root and Holistic Living Flourishes.

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