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Growing into your Abundance

The second New Moon in Cancer of 2020 on July 20th highlighted the nurturing energy of Cancer relating to the mother, caring, feelings, and sacred space. However the Sun and Moon being in Cancer have been in opposition to planets in Capricorn. This has been causing us to feel tension between what we feel and our responsibilities and commitments.

What to do with this tension? This New Moon encouraged slowing down to take a step back from our responsibilities. Don't worry they aren't going anywhere. We can pick them up after we've rested. Now we are invited to step into our hearts, listen, take a break, and detach from all things, people, and all situations that are draining us. Taking a break will support us to have the clarity, energy, and alignment to birth and create what feels nourishing, exciting, loving, and has the essence of growth and development.

There has been SO MUCH novelty around 2020 and it has required a lot of us energetically and emotionally. Give yourself the space to acknowledge how this year had impacted you. Welcome in a tenderness with yourself and others because this is a time of monumental permanent change. We rapidly changing and need to remember we are ripe for this evolution.

Every time you change some part of yourself will be sacrificed. We must be willing to let go of the aspects of ourselves that aren't being utilizing, or are no longer supporting what we are becoming. Think of your favorite fruit. Where did this fruit come from? It came from a flower. This flower knew that there was a fruit coming so it gracefully released its petals and opened itself to transform into a gorgeous fruit.

Many of us are in this flower stage. We have grown so much from seedling, to bud, and now have blossomed into beautiful fragrant flowers. Some of us may feel like we want to stay flowers, or maybe we just don't know that a fruit is coming so we want to hold onto our petals. Our petals being our comforts. But if we knew for certain, like flowers know that bountiful fruit is coming would, we still be gripping onto what we've outgrown?

The difference between grace and fear is trust. The natural world trusts and honors in the cycle of the life and death, and reciprocity. Humans have become detached from these natural cycles and ways of being and have started functioning from a place of fear, and disconnection.

To build trust we must commit to letting go of control. We must grow a kinship with the unknown, being adaptable, and flexible. Learning from our the plant and animal kingdoms. Listening to our heart beats, which drums to the universal rhythm we are inseparable from. Trusting in the divine intelligence like the flower who release its' petals to bare the fruit that we have the privilege of enjoying.

I'll leave you with some questions to ponder. What is the fruit that you are becoming? How can you give more time to yourself to listen to what you require and honor that? What do you need to release so you can bare your fruit?

P.S- My fruit is Chapa-Jack and I'm delicioso!! 🥰

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