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The Power of Infusing Love & Intention into Your Own Herbal Remedies

Herbal Oil Making

You may have an "inner-standing" of the tremendous power of intention. Perhaps you’ve learned about its effect on water in your own personal experience and or with 

 Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments.   Now let’s apply what we know about water to making herbal infused oils. Oils are actually seen as another way of “hydrating” the body.

We can take in oils both internally and externally through our skin. Sometimes we forget that the skin is a vital organ that we absorb and release; nutrients, toxins and water from. 

Herbal oils are a gentle way to receive the healing power of plants. It also can be a more direct way as the medicine doesn’t need to be digested. It travels through the dermis layers and the tiny molecules are then absorbed into your bloodstream, pretty cool right?

Let's dive into the process of making herbal oil infusions and discover how to infuse love and intention into each step. However, before embarking on this journey, it's important to align your energy, emotions, and intentions.

Centered Energy: A Key Ingredient

Just like any creative process, making herbal medicine requires an alignment of energies. Take a moment to check your emotional state. If stress or negative emotions loom over you, it might not be the right time to embark on this journey. Find a moment of calm, center yourself, and let love and inspiration guide your steps.

Intention: Weaving a Purposeful Tapestry

Every creation thrives with intention, and herbal oil infusions are no exception. Get clear on your "why." What is the purpose behind your herbal oil infusion? Perhaps it's to promote healthy skin for yourself and your community. By setting a clear intention, you infuse each drop with purpose, making your creation even more potent.

Connecting with Herbs: A Sacred Bond

Ideally, you want to connect with the herbs you already have an established connection. The stronger the relationship you have with the herb the more healing it will be for you. If you have the means, consider growing them yourself. Introduce yourself and share your intentions with the plants, seeking their permission. Offering gratitude is a beautiful gesture, acknowledging the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature. If you don't have access to growing your own herbs, opt for organic, fair trade options that ethically source their plant materials.

The beloved Gotu Kola

Harvesting with Cosmic Guidance

Timing is everything, even in the herbal world. Consider checking the astrological calendar before harvesting your herbs. For instance, if you are making a massage oil for connection with your partner, you might choose to harvest when the moon is in Virgo. Exploring the influence of cosmic energy on your herbal creations can open up a fascinating dimension of herbal medicine making.

Great Resource for Astrology Forecast:

The Perfect Oil: Choosing Your Base

Selecting the right oil is crucial to create an optimal herbal oil infusion. Different oils have different qualities, and the choice depends on your intended purpose. Jojoba and almond oils penetrate deeply into the skin, while coconut oil provides protective properties. Delve into the unique characteristics of various oils and choose the one that aligns best with your objectives.

Setting the Stage for Success: Preparing Your Space

A well-prepared space sets the foundation for successful herbal medicine making. Gather all the necessary materials, ensuring your herbs are clean and dry. Clear your workspace, allowing uninterrupted focus and energy flow. When everything is organized and in place, the journey of creating herbal oil infusions becomes even more enjoyable.

Unveiling the Infusion Techniques

There are various methods to infuse herbs into oil, each with its own nuances. Heat infusions involve cooking the herbs and then straining the material off. For a more gentle approach, blending or macerating the material and leaving it in oil to extract the medicinal qualities over time is an option. This is best to do with already dry herbs. Be mindful to avoid plants with high water content, such as aloe, which are more prone to mold. Alternatively, you can infuse herbs without blending, simply allowing them to steep in oil. Whichever method you choose, ensuring clean glass jars and storing them in a cool, dry, dark place are vital for preserving the potency of your creations.

The Power of Documentation: Keeping Herbal Journals

As you embark on this herbal medicine making journey, keeping a detailed herbal medicine journal is invaluable. Take careful notes of the proportions of herbs you use, the dates, and any observations you make throughout the process. If you find scales helpful, incorporate them into your practice to maintain consistency and precision. Your journal becomes a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance for future creations.

Use a journal I mean it

Labels and Time: Tracking the Journey

To avoid confusion and maintain organization, label your jars with clear descriptions, including the date of creation, and note when to check the infusion's progress (typically around the two-week mark). Your oils will be ready between the 4th-6th week mark. The longer the time the stronger the infusion. Also consider where you live warmer climate will speed up the process, colder will slow things down. Identifying the anticipated ready-to-use date ensures you capture the optimal potency of your herbal oil infusion.

Embrace the Magic: Herbal Medicine Making Unleashed

With love, intention, and a dash of magic, you are now equipped to embark on the enchanting journey of making your own herbal oil infusions. Embrace the wisdom of nature, connect to the healing powers of plants, and nurture your well-being and that of your community. 

Let's embark together on this journey of herbal medicine making magic!

Remember, each drop of your herbal oil infusion is infused with intention, love, and the remarkable healing essence of nature. Enjoy the process, embrace the artistry, and witness the transformative power of your very own herbal creations.

Happy herbal medicine making, fellow seekers of wellness and heartfelt connection!

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