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Internship Program

Natural Building and Sustainability practices

We offer 1-3 month internship opportunities in natural building and sustainability practices giving individuals the chance to sink into the foundations of living a more sustainable and natural existence. This experience gives individuals a taste of natural building, permaculture, herbalism, hospitality and community living. It is a tailored for those who are interested in learning the rhythm of collaborating with nature but are unable to commit to our 6 months or Year-long Apprenticeship.


Our interns will be taught, by our Root Members: Jose Bermudez, Amanda Marsh and our Trunk Members: Rodolfo Saneaz, and Antoine B. Through their mentors will be learning through a variety of hands on projects that will be building up the sustainable infrastructure of EcoMaste. Eventually our interns will be led by our apprentices which will have had 7 months training to prime them for mentoring the incoming interns.


The Internship program is a chance to open individuals to a completely different paradigm of living. They will be exposed to an array of practices, people, and nature that will plant a seeds of transformation.


This is a wonderful starting point for those who want to learn sustainable practices and also feel the support of a community who encourages that kind of lifestyle. We are set in what we call the “womb” of Tinamaste/ Las Tumbas giving you the opportunity to disconnect from external noise and realign to the natural pulse of vibrance within and around you. Many of our guests find a sense of clarity and sense of being recharged. This program had been curated to not only nurture the deepest parts of you, but also to empower you wherever you are called to be after leaving. 

In this journey, you will be in the path of a regenerative living education through hands-on workshops, radical self care coaching / guidance and intentional community living. This experience is also a great way to learn how to apply permaculture and work with like-minded individuals who love bambú and like giving back to the earth.


The apprenticeship program is an opportunity for brothers and sisters that are both visual and hands-on learners ready to give back to themselves, mother earth and the community. Grow each day along side root members and be part of the change we want to see in the world.

Ask us about our discount for Costa Ricans and Locales. We also provide a scholarship for a Costa Rican who wants to pursue his/her career as a Natural Builder.


1-3 Month 

In this Intern program you will experience jungle living and different ways to practice being sustainable.

  • All meals included Mon-Fri

  • Regenerative living

  • Intentional community living

  • Learning opportunity

  • Shared room at extra cost

  • Access to trails, river & waterfalls

  • Weekends are free time


$1099 - $2,499


*Must have travel insurance*

Good mental / physical health and energy

35-40 hours per week combined between theory learning and hands-on practice per week

Enthusiasm, discipline and perseverance

Teamwork and collaboration


*Are air tickets included in this price?


*How about transportation to EcoMaste?

We do not provide transportation from or to the airport but can help facilitate.

*When is there time off?

Saturday and Sunday.

*How far is the nearest town?

Tinamaste is only a 30 min walk or 10 min drive.

*Is there taxi service?

Yes. We have contacts for taxi. 

*How far is the beach and the closest city?

The nearest beach is 40 minutes in the town of Dominical.

The nearest city is San Isidro, only a 35 minute drive.

*Is there a smoking area?

Yes, but not encouraged. Behind the workshop there is a smoking area. During the day, we expect students / volunteers to be fully present. Working with bamboo and generally in construction, full attention is required.

*Are there things to do around or at the farm?

Yes. We practice yoga, Women's and Men's circles, community gatherings, cacao ceremonies, permaculture, aquaponics, massage therapy, reiki, and meditation. Also, our neighbors are masters at Yoga, TaiChi, Qigong, and Sacred plants. We also provide information about activities to do in the Diamante Valley and the region.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us.

Wholeness, Much Love & Pura Vida!

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