Solstice Divine Feminine & Masculine Gathering

This gathering was held at EcoMaste where a wonderful group of brothers and sisters united to learn about each other and also to recognize their opposite divine energies. Women's and Men's circles were offered separate from each other to then re-unite together with Cacao Ceremony followed by Ecstatic Dance. 

On June 21st we hosted a Solstice Divine Feminine and Masculine gathering. The founders and guardians of EcoMaste Amanda and Jose Bermudez have spent the last few months patiently listening to the land that hosts EcoMaste: Healing and Learning Sanctuary. Through spirit and intuition they learned that the land had once been used for ceremonies and rituals between the divine feminine and masculine.

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We invite you to read our blog post about this gathering. Wholeness and Much love!

EcoMaste is dedicated to uniting Men & Women, creating a safe space to harness natural conversations and providing a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can participate.


This event is the first of many gatherings that will be held, not only at EcoMaste, but also in different places of the Diamante Valley and surroundings in collaboration with other brothers and sisters.

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