Millenary Activation Gathering

The Mamos, who live in the slopes of the Sierra Nevada (Colombia), have learned to be in tune with nature in incredible ways. Sustaining the Spiritual and Ecological equilibrium is their sacred task. In 2020, this public gathering took place at Hona Wellness on March 6th and at the Tinamaste Feria on March 10th. It was an opportunity to learn from ancient wisdom. The Mamos congregated with local indigenous tribes and shared ancestral knowledge for many people who attended and listened to their message. 

EcoMaste, along with EcoFeria Dominical

Expandir Conciencia Association, Nación del QUINTO SOLSecret Energy, and Imiloa Institute worked together to facilitate their journey. The Mamos were in Costa Rica to make "pagamentos" on different areas of the Diamante Valley, Cerro de Chirripo, and South Pacific CR. These places used to be meeting points between many 

different indigenous tribes from North & South America. On their meditations, they heard and communicated with Mother Earth to hear her concerns.


We gathered around these lands and did important energy work in efforts to bring back the balance of the "esophagus of the earth". It was a true and rare opportunity to be with and learn from genuine indigenous wisdom.


At EcoMaste we are committed to help heal Mother Earth and what a better way than to connect directly and support Indigenous tribes to share ancient wisdom. If you feel the call, contact us directly to learn how you can give back to the indigenous community.

Message from Mamo Atilio

After a lot of insight healing with Shamans from La Sierra Nevada, Corazón del Mundo we are taking our intentions on the land at EcoMaste very slow. Our latest blog post expands on what this means for our project. 

The following video is a message from Mamo Atilio during their visit.

Please consider making a donation! 90% of your contribution helps the Mamos and their families directly during these difficult times.


Currently, the Sierra Nevada in Colombia is burning and not only they are reaching out and bringing resources to feed themselves, but also actively fighting against these fires. Thanks to your contributions and from the government, they have been able to re-stock and gather supplies so that they can keep focusing on their mission. The Mamos have been meditating for over 2 months on and off and will continue for as long as needed. Their focus is to reach the hearts of thousands of people who are consciously awake to guide them and establish order in their lives and also to unify the world with love.


The other 10% goes towards EcoMaste fund to keep working with local projects and indigenous communities of Costa Rica. Thank you for supporting us.

Upcoming Events

  • Bamboo Cabin Building
    Thu, Aug 11
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde
    Aug 11, 2:00 PM – Aug 21, 11:00 AM
    EcoMaste, Fuente Verde, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    The value and knowledge of building with natural materials. Learn how to build a small structure made out of different types of bamboo. For those experienced or new to building, designing, and utilizing natural materials this is the course for you.
  • Quadruple Goddess Weekend Retreat
    Aug 25, 2:00 PM – Aug 29, 11:00 AM
    Ecomaste, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    Divine feminine empowerment. Awaken the Quadruple Goddess
  • Revive Yoga Flow
    Tuesday 8 am
    Tuesday 8 am
    Ecomaste, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    Are you ready to feel rejuvenated and refreshed? This was created to literally shake over stagnation, tension, and whatever else you're ready to release.
  • Tropical Forage & Medicinal Walk
    Monday- Friday Schedule Today!
    Monday- Friday Schedule Today!
    Tinamaste, 11 Fuente Verde Rd, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica
    Connect to the elements, learn to identify and forage for common and exotically delicious salad greens!

The Aruacos came to Costa Rica! We had the honor and privilege to guide and help them during their journey. We accomplished very important work in the “esophagus of the world” which they feel there is a big disconnection between the North and the South. They consider themselves as “Guardians of the Earth” and their sacred task was to is to do “pagamentos” to the southern pacific land of CR. Click here for pictures shared on fb.


Please consider making a donation. This will help us create a fund for future missions and follow ups in Costa Rica as well as the Mamo's current meditations to unify humanity. Thank you for supporting us.

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