To design a pathway for earth regeneration, help re-build our food forests, and deliver beautiful organic healthy, nutritious, and delicious food. 

#NatureNow. Protect, Restore and Fund.

Our current projects aim to work with Natural Climate solutions.

EcoMaste is located in the beautiful Diamante valley in Tinamaste. We are working towards finding systemic alternatives in our current broken society.  

If you would like to be part of this new evolutioncontact us and find out ways you can be a

worker-owner, investor, volunteer, intern, or collaborator.

Many systems across the globe are failing in all different areas, especially in addressing climate change and therefore, we live in disorder with Mother Earth. During these times of isolation, we've had the opportunity to go "back to the order" as the Mamos say. Starting from within and taking care of our temple (body). By treating ourselves as sacred beings and offering unconditional love, all the relationships we have starting with family, follow this value system. Using discernment in choosing what we consume, information, experiences, as well as what we express in each moment are all contributing factors to finding harmony with Self and the Earth. We must teach that order so we can restore our values, principles, and create sustainable system structures collectively.

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Upcoming Events

Pruning Workshop

Learn the skills of taking good care of your trees.

Count me in

June 12th @ EcoMaste in Fuente Verde 9 am - 2 pm

Syntropic Farming

Full day Immersion
 Whether you’re familiar with permaculture or just joining the movement, we will share a wealth of knowledge and practical tips that when applied, reward our energies and investments with a bountiful harvest, joy, and well-being. Syntropics is the newest branch of Tropical Permaculture and could be described as “Biointinsive-Regenerative Food Forestry”, particularly powerful for turning depleted lands and ecologies into thriving, productive systems faster than previously thought possible. Please ask us about how to arrange for a full one-day intensive class at your land, designed for current and aspiring property owners, as well as travelers who are called to nurture nature along their journeys. 


Stay tuned 

Join us for a day workshop of Syntropic Farming, this class will take about 5 hours with Travis Britzke. We recommend to watch the video above to familiarize yourself. Hope to see you here next month.


Dates coming up @ EcoMaste in Fuente Verde

Our focus is to bring communities, families and individuals back into harmony and simplicity. We do this through workshops, classes, retreats, and ceremonies with themes around rebuilding our foundations of living a balanced life. We host, practice and collaborate with the community to teach the best healing arts, permaculture, sustainability, natural building, nutrition, herbalism and spirituality of the region. Be part of a community movement rooted in care for the planet that embodies love and compassion for all beings on Mother Earth. 

We are all one. 

Sit, meditate, listen, and come back to self. A very potent message during these times and some powerful wise words from the Arhuacos. The land that Amanda has been stewarding with her husband Jose has been calling for reverence and deep listening.

This land birthed EcoMaste and transmutes a great energy full of potential. We will nurtured it in a way to create safe and sacred spaces, for dreaming, healing, ecological learning, creating balance between the divine feminine and masculine, becoming a sanctuary of sustainable expression.

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