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Learning & Healing Sanctuary

EcoMaste is a holistic education and wellness center rooted in connection to Self and Nature. Home to a thriving food forest, wild life, permaculture and syntropic gardens. Our lodge is community oriented building authentic caring relationships with those who are interested in learning how to live in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.

Cob Oven 

March 11th - 13th 2023 

To connect back to Self through ecological education, practicing ancient wisdom and honoring the spectrum of existence within and around. Being a place of collaboration with nature and the collective.

#NatureNow. Protect, Restore and Fund.

Our current projects aim to work with Natural Climate solutions. #SaveSoil

EcoMaste is located in the beautiful Diamante valley in Tinamaste. We are working towards finding systemic alternatives in our current broken society.  

If you would like to be part of this new evolutioncontact us and find out ways you can be a

worker-owner, investor, volunteer, intern, or collaborator.

Finding balance with Nature

The foundations of our project are built on ancestral wisdom, regenerative sustainability, mindfulness, creativity, integrity and reverence for Mother Earth and all of her reflections. We welcome those who are open to grow, be present, collaborate, and contribute to support nature’s innate abundance now and for generations to come.