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Immerse Yourself Bamboo

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Editing Equilibrium Project

Natural Building Courses 2023

Immerse Yourself. Bambú. Jan 9th - 16th

POSTPONED. New dates coming soon!

Come to EcoMaste and experience the abundance of life in the jungle. Here you will have an opportunity to commune with nature, ground yourself, enjoy our nature trails, cascading river, harvest fresh foods from the property, vibrant delicious plant based meals, and learn the skills you need to build with bamboo as well as natural materials.


Our goal is to give students a transformational and regenerative education so that they can be empowered to create a lifestyle rooted in sustainability and collaboration with nature.

We will be learning how to harvest and cure bamboo. Also exploring some geometry shapes, feeling and designing with bamboo. There is an option to stay for one more week to put the knowledge to the test. During this time, we will build a small outdoor shower structure using natural construction techniques utilizing bamboo, adobe and its combinations. 


If you would like to become an intern or apprentice, we have 2-6 month programs which includes education, lodging, and all meals. 

@ EcoMaste in Fuente Verde


Bamboo Instructors:

Jose Bermudez is a Web & Graphic Designer and passionate for bamboo. Co-founder and land steward of Ecomaste. He will be guiding you through the design process of bamboo structure making.

With over 4 years of experience in the bamboo field, he will share all his design knowledge and apply it in the natural building world. In less than 3 years, Jose, along with students and an amazing working team, have designed and co-created; a workshop space, outdoor bamboo showers, compost toilet, greenhouse, compost station, a home and in the process of building a bamboo cabin. 


Sam is the founder of the equilibrium ​project. The equilibrium project is a collective of qualified, highly motivated and well experienced individuals within their craft. His passion for bamboo led him to take a Bamboo course in Bali. He will be sharing his experience and also explaining a few different presentations on bamboo.

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