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We are Medicine

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Last Friday EcoMaste, members from Finca Morpho, ambassadors from NuMundo, and the local community organized a community gathering. We brought many heart-earth centered beings together. Honestly as the stewards of the land we felt some trepidation about holding this gathering. In the wake of Covid19, there is a collective feeling of fear, which some can feel more than others. We felt that it was important to acknowledge that both humanity and Mother Earth are going through a time of deep change.

We gathered under the Full Moon in Scorpio bringing the energies of life, death, unseen, and transformation to the surface. This Full Moon known as the Buddha Moon because it is said that he was born, enlightened, and died during this time. This aspect invoking an air of reincarnation and regeneration. We began our opening ceremony acknowledging these energies, honoring the four directions, elements, our ancestors, those indigenous to this land, and to Mother Earth herself.

Something amazing happens when a group of people gather with a clear intention especially when its aligned with respect, love, and gratitude to whatever land you that is holding you. Acknowledgment that the land is ultimately hosting us, we are the guests. So as conscious guests facilitating an experience we offered many things and one of great importance was our intent to co-create a space of joy, love, safety, and healing.

After two months of little interactions with loved ones, friends, and even strangers many of us have felt a huge ache for physical and energetic connection. The event we held on Friday reminded us of how important it is for everyone to connect in those ways.

The value of touch was honored and I realized all the times I've taken for granted touching and being touched. The times I've embraced someone because I felt obligated some how. When I've felt the urge to reach out but have repressed that desire. Continuing to teach me about how important it is to listen deeply to your body's intelligence. Cultivating kindness by making boundaries with others. Using discernment, embracing only from a place of authenticity not obligation.

This event was a peak experience for many who attended. The Full Moon energies Scorpio transmutes; intensity and unseen divine feminine presence was received and expressed in many forms. It was as if we were all Daturas (Moonflower) opening to the reflection of the Sun the Moon embodies. Going into our depths, shaking, moving, singing, dancing, touching, and simply being together.

Peak experiences are woven throughout our lives. Some more meaningful than others. There has been an enormous wave of people seeking out plant medicine for healing, but many receive a peak experience instead. These peak experiences is were revelations are experiences but integration is where true healing happens.

Two months prior or two Full Moons ago EcoMaste and other organizers attempted to hold a community gathering as some of you may know. However that was not possible because we were recommended by Shaman Mamo Hatilio from the Teyuna Collective that the land was sick and not ready for visitors.

We took Mamo Hatilo's advice to heart and spent the last couple of months listening, observing, meditating, and loving the land. Cultivating this relationship moment by moment a subtle transformation began to unfold. We realized that the land's state of being "sick" was yet another reflection of humanity's sickness. During this time we were able to hold space for the land to rest and rebuild herself. What we didn't take into consideration was that by us offering a time of convalescence we were actually healing each other in the process.

Many of us think of terms of how we can express and project ourselves in this world. But another valid, perhaps under-utilized perspective is how our environment shapes us. Here at EcoMaste there is always a song in the air, a smell of earth, fruits, and flowers, a dancing of leaves in the wind, and so many other seen and unseen expressions which are ultimately affecting every being in this ecosystem. Each day there is a gift that emerges from the land, and from within us.

How can we best offer our gifts to the land, ourselves, and our community? How can we distill and extract the medicinal properties of our beings? What is the most effective way of taking in this medicine and for how long? At EcoMaste we are reflecting on these questions during our time of integration. We need to acknowledge that we are all individuals parts of an inseparable community. Our individual gifts and flaws must be honored and utilized. If correctly nurtured, cut back, harvested and extracted we make potent medicine just like our plant brothers and sisters.

This event was an activation for us to realize and embody our own unique medicinal properties. We are hosting events like this to collaborate together to create ecological, intentional communities, and enterprises so we can have the most potent, sustaining impact on healing ourselves and bringing back balance to the planet from our roots.

Invitation to distill your medicine and share it with the World

Weinvite you to give yourself the time to integrate what your experience has been wherever you are over the last few months. Take your time, slow down, ask yourself, what are your medicinal properties? How can you nourish them and make them available for the collective?

If what we are co-creating with Finca Morpho, NuMundo and the local community (Tinamaste) is of interest please directly reach out at:

May we trust and reclaim the power we have in any situation and

be the medicine we seek and is seeking us.

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