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Welcome to our blog. We invite you to read our posts and feel free to leave a few comments! Your feed back is much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Natural Building and a little bit more of what we are up to at our sanctuary. If you have any questions or would like to connect directly, please send us an email at

Wholeness, Much Love, and Pura Vida.

The second New Moon in Cancer of 2020 on July 20th highlighted the nurturing energy of Cancer relating to the mother, caring, feelings, and sacred space. However the Sun and Moon being in Cancer have been in opposition to planets in Capricorn. This has been causing us to feel tension between what we feel and our responsibilities and commitments.

What to do with this tension? This New Moon encouraged slowing down to take a step back from our responsibilities. Don't worry they aren't going anywhere. We can pick them up after we've rested. Now we are invited to step into our hearts, listen, take a break, and detach from all things, people, and all situations that are draining us. Taking a break will support us to have the clarity, energy, and alignment to birth and create what feels nourishing, exciting, loving, and has the essence of growth and development.

There has been SO MUCH novelty around 2020 and it has required a lot of us energetically and emotionally. Give yourself the space to acknowledge how this year had impacted you. Welcome in a tenderness with yourself and others because this is a time of monumental permanent change. We rapidly changing and need to remember we are ripe for this evolution.

Every time you change some part of yourself will be sacrificed. We must be willing to let go of the aspects of ourselves that aren't being utilizing, or are no longer supporting what we are becoming. Think of your favorite fruit. Where did this fruit come from? It came from a flower. This flower knew that there was a fruit coming so it gracefully released its petals and opened itself to transform into a gorgeous fruit.

Many of us are in this flower stage. We have grown so much from seedling, to bud, and now have blossomed into beautiful fragrant flowers. Some of us may feel like we want to stay flowers, or maybe we just don't know that a fruit is coming so we want to hold onto our petals. Our petals being our comforts. But if we knew for certain, like flowers know that bountiful fruit is coming would, we still be gripping onto what we've outgrown?

The difference between grace and fear is trust. The natural world trusts and honors in the cycle of the life and death, and reciprocity. Humans have become detached from these natural cycles and ways of being and have started functioning from a place of fear, and disconnection.

To build trust we must commit to letting go of control. We must grow a kinship with the unknown, being adaptable, and flexible. Learning from our the plant and animal kingdoms. Listening to our heart beats, which drums to the universal rhythm we are inseparable from. Trusting in the divine intelligence like the flower who release its' petals to bare the fruit that we have the privilege of enjoying.

I'll leave you with some questions to ponder. What is the fruit that you are becoming? How can you give more time to yourself to listen to what you require and honor that? What do you need to release so you can bare your fruit?

P.S- My fruit is Chapa-Jack and I'm delicioso!! 🥰

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From New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse to Full Moon in Capricorn with a Lunar Eclipse we've been on a roller coaster of integration to completion. The Summer Solstice brought opening of a new chapter, honoring and empowering our divine feminine aspects. It birthed an energy of harmony between our polarities. Giving us an invitation to look within and be honest with where we feel strong and what parts of ourselves are neglected and under developed. The emphasis of the divine feminine is not meant to push away or shame our masculine. Instead it is to strike equanimity between the gross imbalance of feminine power in our collective.

After the New Moon we had an opportunity to use this energy of balance and clarity to receive our heart's desire. At EcoMaste we made a point of envisioning what we'd like to create this year in regards to projects, events, ourselves, and the land. The potent energy of beginnings inspired us to move forward with planting trees, herbs, sowing seeds, and painting our living/ event space to create a blessed up sacred space!

We felt a sense of urgency to get things done but remembered the gems of the previous event. The energy of balance can be applied to so many things. Cancer is about getting in touch with your heart, and really understanding your feelings so you can make decisions that support what is important to you. For us planting, painting, setting the energetic vibration, and listening to our hearts, and the land was of our highest priority.

The building momentum took us into our Women's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

The days leading up to it felt tense, like a pressure cooker about to release. The land seemed to vibrate, it was challenging to rest, eventually leading to a deep surrender.

Surrender not compliance, listening to the discomfort, understanding emotions and then expressing them with transparency.

Integration of the Masculine & Feminine

We called upon sisters who wanted to dive into the themes of acceptance, forgiveness, and embrace. Those who felt the call joined us and we decided that we had the spaciousness to open the space to the men who had offered much love and effort into preparing EcoMaste for the event. It was in alignment with other sisters and so we held a beautiful exchange. There was a sense of completion with having a gender blended circle. It felt like we were able to fully digest and enjoy the medicine of the masculine and feminine energy from the previous our Divine Feminine & Masculine Gathering. The night flowed into embracing ourselves and each other and we enjoyed the gift dancing and singing. This has inspired to consider hosting Latin Dance and Song & Dance Circles in the future.

*If you have interest in collaborating or know someone who would be interested reach out to:*


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn was the final eclipse in a series that has been happening over the last 5 years. The themes around these eclipses were, transformation around fear, new choices and commitments, growth and learning. This eclipse encouraged us to create a sense of completion around the lessons we learned in these various areas. We can now use those insights to illuminate clarity and confidence around the new power and sense of life direction, the path to mastery.

Internal Inquiry

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and will help us tie up loose ends related to our commitments and responsibilities until December 2020. Capricorn's ambition and drive is softened by the Sun and the Mercury being in Cancer. This helps us navigate our feelings, listening your needs, and creating an experience around what your feelings are requesting of you.

This is about creating space for you to be with yourself to process without any other agenda. The theme of surrender is with us as well, having several planets in retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury. Feeding the internal progress is very much supported here.

The South Node is approaching the Galactic Center. This is bringing in global clarity, release of systems that are not aligned with this new chapter for you related to, belief systems, education and opinions. This is an energy of replacing, removing, and refreshing as we move throughout July. Amigos may you enjoy this ride and remember, Pura Vida!!

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On June 21st we hosted a Solstice Divine Feminine and Masculine gathering. The founders and guardians of EcoMaste Amanda and Jose Bermudez have spent the last few months patiently listening to the land that hosts EcoMaste: Healing and Learning Sanctuary. Through spirit and intuition they learned that the land had once been used for ceremonies and rituals between the divine feminine and masculine.

In many cases the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. The collective has been experiencing an imbalance between the masculine and feminine for thousands of years. The masculine has domineered, and the patriarchy has forced matriarchal societies into submission. Abuse, trauma, shame, repression has been experienced and the land EcoMaste resides on is no stranger to this story.

The messages from land and the energies building up to the Solstice with a solar eclipse and the new moon in Cancer were very clear. The land had brought the imbalance into awareness and was asking to re-sanctify what had once been pure. After getting such clarity it was decided to host an event to honor and unite the masculine and feminine, the dark and light, our polarities.

World Changing Energy

The Mega Solar Eclipse was expressing a world changing energy. This energy is leaping us forward into elevating consciousness individually and globally. For the last year and a half we have had the North Node in Cancer. This has put an emphasis on cancerian themes of, opening and healing emotional wounds, relationships to mother, family, home, birthing, manifestation, and the womb. The Eclipse was at an Aries point at 0 degrees of cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The cardinal signs call in beginnings, a new chapter. The fact that each element is being represented adds a layer of potency.

Emotional Reset

The last time this alignment happened was in 2001. Many of us can remember changes that began after September 11th. We now have the opportunity to use what we have learned in the past 19 years of how the divine feminine was embraced, expressed or repressed in this lifetime and lifetimes before. This is an emotional reset and recognition. For those who have done the work it is now time to go further in understanding the root of your feelings, relating to lineage, the women in your life, values, and how you can use the knowledge to gain deeper understanding and progress further on your journey.


Growth is a major theme with Cancer and will be over the next year and half as these energies play out. Both the divine feminine and masculine are asking to receive what they need to be fully expressed time. It is important create personal sacred space so you can honor, listen and step into these aspects completely. It may be helpful to imagine a hermit crab, taking their homes wherever they go, crabs relating to cancer. They remind us to treat our bodies as a vessel, our temple and sacred space. Giving yourself the opportunity to retreat is allowing space to recalibrate and the environment around you to do the same. This spaciousness opens us up to untangling, releasing and finding our way to certain transformation.

Unity Between Polarities

This process is just being birthed so we must be patient and kind with ourselves. Trusting our hearts and building a bridge of clarity from our hearts to our minds. The mind ruled by the masculine, having to do with decision making and action needs to be in alignment with the heart, ruled by the feminine related to feeling and nurturing. If we don't acknowledge how we feel then we can't make proper decisions. When we are overwhelmed by feelings we get stuck and are unable to decide the necessary steps to move forward. Part of the process is to give our overworked aspects time to rest. We can also engage and strengthen our under-utilized or atrophied qualities.

Surrender and Harvest Your Wholeness

We are not alone and there are much bigger things that are playing out within and around us that we can't understand fully. What we can do is trust in the universe and our ability to receive the magic and grace it offers. Cancer is related to the womb of creation. There are multiple energies coming together that can't and shouldn't be controlled. Now is a time of surrender. To welcome the full expression of your divinity so you can receive your hearts deepest desires. Allowing your aspects to work together and also asking others for help along the way. You are worthy to enjoy the harvest of your wholeness.

Embrace the Spectrum of Existence

EcoMaste is committed to encourage people to step into a loving relationship with themselves. We believe that to support this process we must acknowledge, forgive, and embrace our dark and light qualities, the spectrum of existence. It was by no accident that we choose to have a gathering on this sacred day. This was a portal to inception, growth, and receiving the heart's desire. May you take the time to listen deeply to your heart. Release the patterns of disregarding your negative aspects, and discover a new allies and teachers. Use this time wisely and land with a clear intention that resonates to you and what you ready to receive.

Foundation of Energetic Alignment

We are passionate about collaborating with ourselves, the community, and the collective. The foundation starts at an energetic level which is why we have put some much effort into listening and trusting what is being expressed to curate gatherings, workshops, and courses that are in energetic alignment with the land and ourselves.

Rotational Sustainable Gatherings

Our intention is to host conscious, ecological, and culturally impactful gatherings at EcoMaste. One of the avenues of interest is to bring awareness and balance to the divine feminine and masculine. We would like these events to have a rotational essence, meaning the circle facilitators, and event support/ volunteers get the opportunity to try on different roles.

If you have interest in facilitating circles, offering other ceremonies that can be woven into these gatherings, or would like to support/volunteer for a free ticket and accommodation (if rooms are available) we would love to connect and see how we can support one another.

Calling in Local Educators & Wisdom Holders

We are also calling in experienced community members, especially local Ticos that have specific skills, expertise or talents that they would like to share. If you have a workshop or an offering that enriches your life and know that it would enrich the communities please contact us we want to support you and collaborate with our educators and wisdom holders!!

Please email for more information.

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