Shaker Mill Falls

One of the projects we are involved is the Inn @ Shaker Mill Falls. This repurposed gristmill built by the local Shaker community in 1822, is a 20 room Inn that offers weddings & retreats and now focused on bringing knowledge that can teach people healthy and natural ways of living. Our goal is to increase occupancy, open the restaurant, and host more retreats.

  • An organic market garden (we’ve already begun to grow our own organic food)

  • A center for sustainability education

  • Permaculture Design and other related programs

  • Farm to table restaurant (already licensed)

Our focus is to bring communities, families and individuals back into harmony and simplicity. We do this through workshops, classes, retreats, and ceremonies with themes around rebuilding our foundations of living a balanced life. We host, practice and collaborate with the community to teach the best healing arts, permaculture, sustainability, natural building, nutrition, herbalism and spirituality of the region. Be part of a community movement rooted in care for the planet that embodies love and compassion for all beings on Mother Earth. 

We are all one. 

In 2016, the cofounders of EcoMaste visited together the Diamante Valley and since, they fell in-love with the majestic mountain. A few years later, after coming and going to Costa Rica, they felt a strong pull to root down in the area to share their passion and skills with other brothers and sisters. At the beginning of 2020, Jose felt a call to learn about natural building, specifically bamboo and timber framing. After his courses he was admiring the Diamante Waterfall and reached out to his indigenous brother Kandymaku from the Arhuacos Tribe which is part of the Teyuna Collective (four indigenous tribes from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia).

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