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Love as a New Creation

What does love mean to you? We dove into this question and others for this Full Moon gathering the theme being, "Love as a New Creation." The inspiration of this theme came from the progression of our last gathering which focused on forgiveness. After releasing the suffering and pain caused from ourselves, others, and situations within and out of our hands a new spaciousness was made available.

Surrounded by Love

Many of us have stories and conditions around love. We have reasons why we don't accept love or why we grip onto it so tightly that we eventually suffocate what we wanted to flourish.

The first step in reprograming is acknowledging what's there and why, forgiving, and then setting down a new foundation which supports who you are now and how you want to give and receive love. A light was shed on women's moon time because it is another area of our lives that has been hidden and made into something unholy. The truth is women's moon time reflects the life cycle, death, birth, growth, decline. By seeing this parallels in ourselves and honoring it also opens yet another door of potential love and new creation. After moving and transforming so much energy and digesting the last several events I can say that I am not the person I was 3 months ago. I've been shown that I am a every evolving being. I have my ebbs and flows and so does everyone else. Sometimes the way I love is by choosing to close my door and just simply being alone. Other times its by making delicious food, offering full hugs, and giving my complete attention to someone.

My husband and I have been married for over 6 months now and have been in a journey since February. Taking a huge leap of trust and committing to move to Costa Rica and creating EcoMaste. During the last several months I've surrendered more and more into trusting love and appreciation of my partner. Learning the art of making direct clear requests, and not taking things personally. Acknowledging each other for what we do for ourselves, each other, and for the community.

For me my new creation of love is one that mimics the torus. I am love within and project love, and I choose to receive the love around me. I set clear boundaries of what I do not wish to experience. I'm learning to release expectations and be open to receive someone else's expression of love and accept that its beautiful even if, its different than mine. My love language is thoughtfulness, little gestures like, (making me cacao in the morning when I don't ask), touch, listening, and patience.

I invite you all to re-create love for who you are now. Dive into how you want to express it, feel it, embody it. How would you like to offer it, receive it, in what forms. Those parts of yourself that you spend the least amount of time with, befriend them, they need it the most, and see if you can truly encompass all that are with love. Then play with love, with all different relationships. How can you bring love within every exchange you have. What would change in your life if you practiced this. Can you imagine the shift if every person in a small community or even a household did this?.

The thing is, it's possible for your to experiment with these practices and take note of the changes within your life. Then, the people around you will become curious because you always seem to have this presence contentment. Slowly you share or just simply modeling love and your vibration will carry and inspire others to create the love they want to experience. May you and all beings always feel loved and cared for.

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