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A Call To Action

Updated: May 18, 2022

Since the end of December there have been some huge shifts that have helped EcoMaste come to fruition. Jose decided to embark on an adventure to Costa Rica 6 weeks before getting married. Being his wife I can speak to my apprehension of him leaving. But I know that when Jose has something calling him he will follow. He began his journey doing a Bamboo Building Course with Trey Abernethy through Natural Building Costa Rica. During this Bamboo course he learned how to harvest, treat, and build. He was amazed at the knowledge, discipline, and work ethic Trey embodies. Being around someone that not only has big thoughts but follows with action has been incredibly motivating and inspirational.

In 2018 Jose made a connection to indigenous tribes from Colombia, where we he is originally from. The Kogis are one of the four tribes that make up the Teyuna. They fled the Spanish Conquistadors to the Sierra Nevada. They came out of their recluse about 40 years ago with a message to major world leaders that we need to change our ways of treating the planet like its an infinite resource to treating Mother Earth as a living organism that she is.

While being in Costa Rica Jose found himself meeting people who are major players in the community of Tinamastes. Specifically he met a man named Kevin who talked to Jose about a vision he had on one of his experiences with Ayahuasca. He received a message to offer ceremonies in cave which he found in the area. In this cave he saw an Eagle and a Condor united. The Eagle representing the North and the Condor representing the South. Kevin is obviously not the first to have this vision. It is a well know prophecy for many indigenous tribes of the world. The message is clear that there is a need to reunite the North and South and we must do what bring a balance to these polarities.

Shortly after some synchronicities started to unfold. Jose sent a picture of Costa Rica to the social leader of the Kogi, Kandimaku. He shared that him and the other shamans or Mamos had been meditating on coming to Costa Rica. They've been wanting to come to this area to offer pagamentos or payments to Earth. They view Costa Rica as the esophagus of the Earth. A bridge between the North and South, and the Eagle and the Condor.

Jose felt a call to action and has been doing all that he can to help manifest their meditation intention. He got a huge wave of support from the local community. Especially from the sisters as Jose calls them, Keyna, Coordinator of the Domincal Feria, India, Co-Founder & COO of Imiloa, Chiara, Co-founder of Expandir Conciencia Association, and Ginette, Co-founder of Secret Energy who all have united forces to make this vision a reality. They've welcomed Jose as one of their own. Everyone I have met as well has welcomed me with open arms. A kind of embrace we very rarely experience in the western world.

We have recently gotten married since the beginning of this story. To us our wedding represented not only the celebration of our love but the uniting of the north and south. I'm from the States, Massachusetts and Jose, from Colombia, Bogota. From two different cultures, different continents and yet we have found each other, fallen in love, and are building a life of abundance, connection, and joy in Costa Rica.

We are blessed with the opportunity to start this journey by hosting the Mamos to stay at EcoMaste, our Eco-lodge, retreat and learning center. Our hope is to open this lodge to the community that has embraced us since being here. Another goal of ours is to facilitate deepening relationships with the expat community and the local Ticos. We believe the Kogi presence will help elevate and clear what no longer serves this beautiful area.

There is no denying the recent explosion of development in Costa Rica. This has brought commerce, a surge of expats, and the cultures they bring with them. It has also changed the dynamic for many Costa Ricans, some have embraced the change but change is not always easy. There is a disconnect from the Ticos and the expat community that many know and feel but it is uncomfortable to name. Jose is an expat himself but he relates to the Ticos so well that many don't realize he isn't a Tico, until noticing his accent. Jose immigrated the States when he was thirteen years old so he knows what it feels like to be an outsider. But he has always had a curiosity and excitement to engage in the unknown. He seems to make a home wherever he finds himself. This is the spirit that EcoMaste was birthed from. We want create a haven where people feel at home no matter if they are native or foreign. A place where people can learn from Mother Earth and from each-other. A place of spirit, heart, and communion with source. When we come back to the gifts of nature, when quiet ourselves enough we are able to hear the call of spirit. This is our time to share what we've been hearing. Join us to find out more about upcoming events with the Mamos by reaching out directly at or go to the home page of

With much love, pura vida and many blessings!


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