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Living Regeneration Immersion
Living Regeneration Immersion

Thu, May 25



Living Regeneration Immersion

The change we want to experience begins with us! EcoMaste & Regenerate Your Reality will support you to develop your Regenerative Living Skills.

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Time & Location

May 25, 2023, 2:00 PM CST – May 29, 2023, 12:00 PM CST

Ecomaste, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica

About The Experience

An opportunity to regenerate your connection to self, others and the natural world. This experience is for those who  want to learn tangible skills to live a more fulfilling and harmonious life, all while supporting your vibrance and health. You will not only be transforming yourself, this transformative experience will make a ripple effect every where you go!

The change we want to experience begins with us! EcoMaste & Regenerate Your Reality. Join us and empower yourself with Regenerative Living Skills.

Regenerative Living is a way of continuously evolving and adapting from one moment to the next centered in harmony within ourselves, our environment, community and inner soul's purpose.

Through experiencing harmony in each of these realms that we can fully embrace and embody the path of regenerative living.

 At EcoMaste you will land in a jungle oasis in the comfort of a beautiful lodge overlooking a serene pond and gorgeous mountain view. Each day you get to and explore regenerative skills-based workshops co-facilitated by Regenerate Your Reality creators Jean and Alan & EcoMaste creators Amanda and Jose and Guest Facilitator Daniel of GetLIGHT.

Regenerative Living Immersion:

Every Immersion will include:

  • 2 Regenerative Farm Tours at Ecomaste & Regenerate Your Reality Project (full day)
  • 1 Nature Adventures of your choice  (half or full day)
  • Morning Yoga/Movement/Meditation
  • 3 Workshops:
  • Full Day Permaculture Master class
  • Farm-To-Table Cooking Classes
  • Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk
  • Regenerative Learning skills; ferments, composting, herbalism, gardening and more!

Sample Flow:

  • Start each day with: Yoga & Meditation
  • Enjoy a farm-to-table breakfast and tune into the jungle
  • Half day nature adventure option with group’s choice
  • Slow down for farm-to-table lunch in the shade and pause for a siesta
  • Cool off in the afternoon with a river and enjoy healing mud bath experience
  • Pick fresh herbs and make your own medicinal herbal water infusion
  • Farm-to-table cooking workshop dinner experience
  • Wind down with arts, song circle or fire experience

Living Regeneration Immersion Offerings:

Care for the Earth (thriving in Regenerative systems)

  • Permaculture Master Class- concepts and practices
  • Sustainable and Regenerative living locally and globally
  • Farm-To-Table Cooking Classes
  • Fun in the garden!

Caring for Self - the actualized/Divine Self

  • Yoga,  Meditation, Movement
  • Breath-Work
  • Cacao celebration!
  • Mud Bath
  • Meditation Waterfall Walk

Care for Community/Fair Share/others (in Harmony)

  • Ceremony (opening, closing, fire)
  • Herbal medicine making: water infusion, honey infusion, oil infusion
  • Song Circles, Musical Jam
  • Art Making Crafting

Nature Adventures - Group Choice

  • Beach options: Secret Beach, Play Hermosa, Play Dominical (half day)
  • Whale Watching- (full day)
  • Nauyaca Waterfall (half day)
  • St. Louis Waterfall (half day)


  • Detox Coaching (Package available for 6 weeks following regenerative lift and coaching program)
  • Massage (additional cost 1-1.5hr)



Amanda Luna, a self proclaimed “plant person” with a deep love and curiosity for nature.

She has painted her life with a broad palette of interests, experiences, talents and knowledge that is ever-evolving. Becoming a land steward and co-founder of Ecomaste she gets to put her energy into holistically developing the land, permaculture & landscape design, supporting the regeneration,beauty and vibrancy of the environment.

She plays many different roles from Garden Manager, Wellness Director, Communications & Marketing Director, and daily making a pot of herbal tea to share. Co-creating an inspired and harmonious existence with Mother Nature is her prayer. As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner she offers workshops and events in alternative healing modalities; yoga alchemy, breath work, meditation, herbalism, plant walks, and women’s womb empowerment. She is grateful for the  opportunity to feed and to be fed by her purpose.


Jose is native to Bogotá Colombia. Growing up in the U.S he gained knowledge and expertise in technology and hospitality. He felt a strong pull to reconnect with nature and his roots. This led him on a journey to weave a deep connection to an indigenous community in Colombia The Teyuna Collective. Then he set on his path to explore

nature-based education and holds certifications in, aquaponics, permaculture, bamboo building, and timber framing.

Since then he committed himself to be in service and co-create regenerative abundance. Now a Co-founder of Ecomaste and land steward. He provides structure and organization to many projects on the land from; natural building construction, web design and making delicious and nutritious food.

​Blending his experience, education, and passions to create a holistic way of living and opportunities for people from all walks of life to grow in collaboration and harmony with nature.


Jean Pullen is a multi-talented artist, gardener, yoga teacher, cook, musician, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Jean is the co-founder of Regenerate Your Reality,  partner at Jungle Project and a Soil Advocate for Kiss the Ground. In her travels to Europe, Mexico, and Central America over the past seven years, Jean has had the opportunity to co-create, volunteer and visit various permaculture projects. Before redesigning her reality, Jean worked in corporate finance.


Alan Cacao lives for his love of nature and has had the opportunity to learn from different tribes and cultures and communities throughout his life. He leads agriculture and permaculture  consulting, design, and management at Regenerate Your Reality. Alan originally studied to become a civil engineer in his home country of Mexico, then was introduced to permaculture in one of the largest projects in Central America, Las Cañadas, where he spent two years as a volunteer. Later, he began a 10-year journey through Central and South America, during which time he continued collaborating with diverse projects (ie. Punta Mona, Essence Arenal etc.) and various indigenous groups.

Guest Facilitators Daniel

Daniel is a father of 2, Detox Guide, Soul Coach, Musician, Engineer and founder of getLIGHT, an online platform which gives access to Detox and Gut Regeneration Kits as well as online and in-person Detoxification and Regeneration Programs and Retreats. After a 5 month SELF-Healing journey from improper digestion and leaky gut symptoms, Daniel had a realization that health was not possible through strictly eating healthy. And that the body’s health is based strictly on what it can digest.

1. Detoxification is the first step; we let go from our body what no longer serves.

2. Clarity is second; when the gut is clear and clean, so is the mind.

3. Regeneration is the final step; we add life back into our being using living foods, micro-nutrients, cultures, bacterias and probiotics.

Today, getLIGHT assists people daily all over the world to gain great clarity by cleansing the mind, body and soul. Through its Online Store, getLIGHT sends Detox kits throughout Costa Rica and the United States. getLIGHT also has a coaching platform called Detox Your Life, which helps individuals through major shifts and transitions in their lives in order to getLIGHT.

Our saying goes: Heal the body, Liberate the Mind, Sing your Song.

Count me in!

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  • Individual-CR Private Rm

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  • Individual-Private Rm

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  • Couple-CR Shared Rm

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  • Couple-Shared Rm

    For those from outside of Costa Rica

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  • Couple-CR Private Rm

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  • Couple- Private Rm

    For those from outside of Costa Rica

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