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If you are interested in showcasing your talents and / or have important knowledge or information to share with the community, please contact us. Much Love and Pura Vida!

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Parent Coaching

February 12th & 13th

Whether you are thinking about having your first child or you have three already, this seminar is for you.

More info soon

Syntropic Farming

Full day Immersion
 Whether you’re familiar with permaculture or just joining the movement, we will share a wealth of knowledge and practical tips that when applied, reward our energies and investments with a bountiful harvest, joy, and well-being. Syntropics is the newest branch of Tropical Permaculture and could be described as “Biointinsive-Regenerative Food Forestry”, particularly powerful for turning depleted lands and ecologies into thriving, productive systems faster than previously thought possible. Please ask us about how to arrange for a full one-day intensive class at your land, designed for current and aspiring property owners, as well as travelers who are called to nurture nature along their journeys. 


Stay tuned 

Join us for a day workshop of Syntropic Farming, we recommend to watch the video above to familiarize yourself. 


Dates coming up @ EcoMaste in Fuente Verde

More info soon
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