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Embrace the Shift
Embrace the Shift

Embrace, Integrate & Thrive



Embrace the Shift

An Integrative Approach to Transformation (5 nights/ 6 days)

Time & Location

Embrace, Integrate & Thrive

Tinamaste, 11 Fuente Verde Rd, San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica

About The Experience

If you've recently undergone a profound transformational experience or a major life change and are feeling overwhelmed, we're here to help. Our healing and learning center offers a safe space to process, integrate, and shift into a new aligned way of being.

Our integrative retreat experience offers a supportive environment to help you anchor into the present moment, land in your body, digest and process your recent transformative experience, tap into your creativity, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in a loving community setting.

During your 5-night stay in a cozy private room in our beautiful lodge or 

in artfully crafted Diamante Cabin, you'll participate in a curated program that includes:


Wellbeing Practices (meditation, yoga, qi-gong)

Creative Expression Practices (art, dance, singing)

Personal Check-ins

Group Connection

Nourishing food

Authentic relating

Nature Immersions

Throughout your experience you have the opportunity to enjoy:

1 Bodywork session (Intuitive Massage) 1.5hrs

1 Guided Nature Adventure

1 Group Flower Bathing Experience

We serve individuals seeking to embrace newfound wisdom, spacious to find inner harmony and embody a new aligned way of being after going through a transformational experience.

Meet your Facilitators

Amanda Luna, is a Land Guardian and Co-founder of Ecomaste, advocating for sacred land preservation and holistic wellness, dedicated to creating spaces that honor the Earth's gifts and support individuals on their wellness journeys. As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, she combines her knowledge of various healing modalities, including herbal medicine, energy work, and mindfulness practices, to guide others towards balance and wholeness through a compassionate and intuitive approach.

Krista is a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Break-Through Practitioner, and Heart Space Cultivator with a vibrant energy and deep passion for helping others. She creates safe and sacred spaces for individuals to explore their emotions, break through barriers, and connect with their hearts' desires, enhancing transformative experiences with her soothing voice and musical talents as a singer and songwriter.

Mia, a holistic hospitality cultivator and art alchemist, is committed to creating nurturing environments that promote well-being and growth, ensuring that each guest feels comfortable and supported during their stay with her warm and welcoming demeanor. As a bodyworker, she utilizes her knowledge of various healing modalities to facilitate relaxation, release tension, and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit, collectively forming a powerful team at Ecomaste dedicated to providing transformative experiences integrating wellness, nature, and creativity.

Retreat Flow:

Day 1:

Arrival and Check-in 3pm

Optional Restorative Yoga

Nourishing Dinner

Cultivate Presence Meditation & Group Sharing Circle

Day 2:

Wellbeing Practice: Gentle Yoga and Movement Therapy

Personal Check-in (1-1)


Welcome Ceremony, Intention Setting & Orientation

Nourishing Lunch

Nature Adventure: Guided walk & Nature Connection

Creative Expression Practice

Free Time for Self-reflection and Relaxation

Nourishing Dinner

Evening Connection time Sharing Circle

Day 3:

Qi-Yo  (Qi-Gong & Yoga Flow)

Personal Check-in (1-1)


Creative Expression Practice

Nourishing Lunch

Integration Sessions: 1-1 Space Holding

Nourishing Dinner

Evening Group Sharing Circle

Optional Ecstatic Dance

Day 4:

Silent Walking Meditation in Nature

Personal Check-in (1-1)


Nourishing Lunch

Creative Expression Practice

Nourishing Dinner

Evening Group Connection

Day 5:

Nature Immersion

Personal Check-in (1-1)


Creative Expression Workshop

Nourishing Lunch

Group Flower Bathing Experience

Nourishing Dinner

Evening Celebration and Closing Ceremony with Bonfire

Dance and Embodiment Workshop

Day 6:

Well-Being Practice

Personal Check-in (1-1)

Integration Circle and Reflections

Farewell Brunch

Closing Ceremony and Sharing of Insights


Note: This schedule is just a sample and may vary based on  the needs and preferences of the participants, and weather conditions. The schedule may also include additional activities such as journaling, garden play, break-through sessions, voice activation, sound healing, mud baths and more.

Contribution & Accommodations:

5 nights

Ongoing offering 

2 options

Private room(s) $976

Cabina Diamante $1098

Short Stay Option if available:

2 night minimum

Price per night 

- Private Room $220

Total: $440

- Cabina Diamante $244

Total: $488

Prices are listed down below and do not inlcude airfare travel costs.

Transportation to/from airport is not included but we can facilitate.


This offering is available on a limited basis

to request availability and book your stay, please contact us directly at

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  • Private Room

    5 nights 6 days

  • Wholeness Cabina Diamante

    5 nights 6 days

    Sale ended
  • Short stay Private Room

    2 nights

  • Short stay Cabina

    2 nights




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