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EcoMaste encourages people to learn and work with natural materials, in this case, Bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass that grows up to 1 meter per day! It is the main contributor per acre to bio mass in the planet. It matures in only 3 years and along with hemp it takes huge amounts of carbon monoxide out of the air per acre than any other plant. At EcoMaste, one of our sustainable development goals is reforest the land and create a bamboo forest.

January 2nd - 10th 2020

This course takes place in Costa Rica at Finca Morpho and it will be the fourth natural building course taught there with Rodolfo Saenz and Trey Abernethy. It involves hands-on experience working with bamboo and you will learn different methodologies and techniques.

Designed for people who are interested in natural building and perfect for bamboo aficionados, permaculturists, owners, developers, contractors, or anyone wanting to work and learn from sustainable materials. There is no prior experience required. If you are a hard working person and willingness to learn, this course is for you.

For more information visit Natural Building Costa Rica. Also, stay tuned for updates on this trip.

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