Many systems across the globe are failing in all different areas, especially in addressing climate change and therefore, we live in disorder with Mother Earth. During these times of isolation, we've had the opportunity to go "back to the order" as the Mamos say. Starting from within and taking care of our temple (body). By treating ourselves as sacred beings and offering unconditional love, all the relationships we have starting with family, follow this value system. Using discernment in choosing what we consume, information, experiences, as well as what we express in each moment are all contributing factors to finding harmony with Self and the Earth. We must teach that order so we can restore our values, principles, and create sustainable system structures collectively.


Gatherings, Events, Workshops, Courses

Feel free to reach out to us and find out how you can participate and help us build a better future! Check out our current and past gatherings down below. Sign up and stay tuned for future workshops and courses brewing in the Diamante Valley. Much Love and Pura Vida!

Love as a New Creation

Queendom & Kingdom Circles

Honoring Moon Cycles.

Cacao. Live music.

Sept 1st @ EcoMaste in Fuente Verde 9:30 am - 8:30 pm

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