EcoMaste Lodge Healing & Learning Sanctuary

*Due to the current situation in the world and for the safety of all our brothers and sisters, the lodge is only open and operating at 50% capacity until further notice.*

Our goal is to be an Eco-lodge Healing Sanctuary & Learning center where we teach basic ways of living, host different workshops, retreats, trainings, gatherings, and most important, get involved and give back to the local community. Our different holistic teachings and learning approaches include:

  • Permaculture

  • Sound Healing

  • Tai Chi

  • Qi Quong

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Holistic Cuisine

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Natural Building

Please visit our Workshops page or contact us to learn how you can participate! 

Since we are in the beginning stages, we are asking for your help!. There are many ways to do so, but also feel free to make a donation. This is greatly appreciated and will allow us to carry on the vision.

Much Love and Pura Vida. Thank you.

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Our Values

We focus on areas of regeneration such as ecology, culture, economic and social which are dimensions of a sustainable and balanced world. We are heart-centered and practice conscious non-violent communication, self-autonomy, integrity, trust, mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, accountability, transparency, stewardship with self & land, awareness, holistic health / wellness, collaboration, transformation, and humor while being playful. Keeping harmony and simplicity above all with authenticity and humbleness.

Tree Analogy

We are now implementing our own model of the Tree Analogy. Reach out to us to learn more about the different types of volunteer members and other share owner opportunities. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Apprenticeship Programs

Live, work, learn and practice on a lush 1 hectare with many mature fruit trees between the Pacific Ocean and the tallest mountain of Costa Rica (Cerro Chirripó) for 6 or 12 months. Here, in the Diamante Valley,  EcoMaste is calling in brothers and sisters who are passionate about natural building, bamboo construction and furniture making. Interns, volunteers and students will learn the value of building both natural materials and Bambú from Master "Rodo".

This program is a living experience for self transformation with the opportunity to become a member and co-create with us. You will have the chance to step up to important roles in the farm, live in an intentional community, and earn an enterprise. This program is an interviewed position with commitments, expectations and agreements that should be in alignment with our values between everyone for an easy and harmonious flow.

In this journey, you will be in the path of a regenerative living education through hands-on workshops, radical self care coaching / guidance and intentional community living. This experience is also a great way to learn how to apply permaculture and work with like-minded individuals who love bambú and like giving back to the earth.


The apprenticeship program is an opportunity for brothers and sisters that are both visual and hands-on learners ready to give back to themselves, mother earth and the community. Grow each day along side root members and be part of the change we want to see in the world.

Ask us about our discount for Ticos and Locales. We also provide a scholarship for a Tico who wants to pursue his/her career as a Natural Builder.

6 Month 

02/21 - 08/21

In this six month program you will learn all the necessary skills and 

techniques to build with bamboo.


  • All meals included

  • Regenerative living education

  • Intentional community living

  • Space for camping

  • Shared room at extra cost

  • Access to trails, river & waterfalls

  • Weekends are free time



1 Year

02/21 - 02/22

In this one year program learn all of the tips & tricks to build anything with bamboo and natural materials.


  • All meals included

  • Regenerative living education

  • Intentional community living

  • Space for camping

  • Shared room at extra cost

  • Access to trails, river & waterfalls

  • Weekends are free time




*Must have travel insurance*

Good mental / physical health and energy

35-40 hours per week combined between theory learning and hands-on practice per week

Enthusiasm, discipline and perseverance

Teamwork and collaboration


*Are air tickets included in this price?


*How about transportation to EcoMaste?

We do not provide transportation from or to the airport but can help facilitate.

*When is there time off?

Saturday and Sunday.

*How far is the nearest town?

Tinamaste is only a 30 min walk or 10 min drive.

*Is there taxi service?

Yes. We have contacts for taxi. 

*How far is the beach and the closest city?

The nearest beach is 40 minutes in the town of Dominical.

The nearest city is San Isidro, only a 35 minute drive.

*Is there a smoking area?

Yes, but not encouraged. Behind the workshop there is a smoking area. During the day, we expect students / volunteers to be fully present. Working with bamboo and generally in construction, full attention is required.

*Are there things to do around or at the farm?

Yes. We practice yoga, Women's and Men's circles, community gatherings, cacao ceremonies, permaculture, aquaponics, massage therapy, reiki, and meditation. Also, our neighbors are masters at Yoga, TaiChi, Qigong, and Sacred plants. We also provide information about activities to do in the Diamante Valley and the region.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us.

Wholeness, Much Love & Pura Vida!

EcoMaste is located In the Southern mountains of Costa Rica in the town of Tinamaste. Sitting in a beautiful valley full of life, different attractions and Retreat Centers all with their own flavors. Farmers market every week, engaged community, and green driven people. There is something special in the air that attracts good vibes and Pura Vida. EcoMaste is inside a vibrant community of Fuente Verde that brings healing and awareness to the planet.


We are building relationships with our micro community here in Fuente Verde (Shala SolThe Living LibraryJustBe, and Abundant Eden Nursery) as well as in the entire region. They are filled with expertise in ecological knowledge, sustainable education and 

practitioners of alternative healing such as Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga. Soon, in collaboration with the community, we will be offering different gatherings, workshops, classes, immersion courses, and retreats, that focus on how to use sustainable methods such as ones applied to our land. We work with nature by using Syntropic Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Agroforestry, and Bio-intensive Gardening.


Our focus is to bring communities, families and individuals back into harmony and simplicity. We do this through workshops, classes, retreats, and ceremonies with themes around rebuilding our foundations of living a balanced life. We host, practice and collaborate with the community to teach the best healing arts, permaculture, sustainability, natural building, nutrition, herbalism and spirituality of the region. Be part of a community movement rooted in care for the planet that embodies love and compassion for all beings on Mother Earth. 

We are all one. 

In 2016, the cofounders of EcoMaste visited together the Diamante Valley and since, they fell in-love with the majestic mountain. A few years later, after coming and going to Costa Rica, they felt a strong pull to root down in the area to share their passion and skills with other brothers and sisters. At the beginning of 2020, Jose felt a call to learn about natural building, specifically bamboo and timber framing. After his courses he was admiring the Diamante Waterfall and reached out to his indigenous brother Kandymaku from the Arhuacos Tribe which is part of the Teyuna Collective (four indigenous tribes from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia).

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